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Packard Bell Vibe 500 Port


  • Produced from 10/2005 to 12/2006
  • 20 or 30 GB 1.8" hard drive
  • 1.8" color screen 160x128 pixels (65,536 colors)
  • USB 2
  • Microphone and Line-in
  • External charging socket

Current status

The port is functional and ready for a daily use. Rockbox is very stable on this DAP. The DAP is waiting for the approval to move it to the stable ports.

What currently works:
  • LCD (full functionality)
  • Backlight
  • Charging status
  • Hard buttons and the touchpad
  • ATA
  • Playback
  • USB
  • RTC (including the alarm)
  • Recording through the microphone and the line in
  • Dual Boot OF
  • Plugins
  • Simulator
  • Installation with RBUtility


Installation steps:

I. Connect the player to a PC in the UMS mode:
  1. turn the player off (Original Firmware),
  2. connect it to a PC through the USB cable,
  3. press the Power button and hold it for about 2 seconds (your PC machine should detect the DAP as a removable drive).

II. Get the bootloader from You can compile it on your own (it's not necessary), see SimpleGuideToCompiling.

III. Rename the OF (original firmware - jukebox.mi4) file in the SYSTEM folder to "OF.mi4" if you want to preserve dual boot. Note: The system folder is hidden by default. You need may need to activate "Show hidden files and folders" if you're on Windows.

IV. Overwrite the OF file in the SYSTEM directory on your player with downloaded/compiled bootloader in step II.

V. Get the Rockbox build from here: You can compile it on your own (it's not necessary), see SimpleGuideToCompiling.

VI. Copy the content of the zip file (.rockbox dir) to the root directory of the DAP.


Booting Rockbox:

  • Simply press the Power button.

Booting the Original Firmware:

  • Press the Power button (normally - don't hold it).
  • After the backlight reaction (when it turns on) immediately press and hold the OK button.

Hardware components


1. Hold Switch
2. Power Button
3. Record Button
4. USB Port
5. Power Connector
6. Reset Switch
7. Menu Button
8. Left/Previous/Rewind Button
9. Display Screen
10. OK/Repeat A-B Button
11. Play/Pause Button
12. Scroll Bar
13. Right/Next/Fast Forward Button
14. Cancel Button
15. Microphone
16. Line-In Jack
17. Earphone Jack

  • Hynix KOR HY5V560 F-H 447A - 32MB of RAM
  • AMIC A29L400TG-70 0446SA MJ9Y5 - 512KB of Flash Boot ROM (Datasheet)
  • WM XWM8731 49AGWRV - Wolfson Micro codec WM8731 (Datasheet)
  • PP5020E-TF EC596518-E-1 or PP5020D-TF EC596518-E-7 - PortalPlayer SoC
  • Philips 8563T 952.1 n6445 - I2C Real time clock/calendar (Datasheet)
  • AZS 4AW Z589 - Lion Charger (similar to the one in the iriver h100) (Datasheet)
PCB pictures (front side): 1 | 2 |
PCB pictures (back side): 1 | 2 |

Touch Interface and the OK/Cancel buttons:

Synaptics T1005G 0538 ACP5062-11 - LightTouch Interface Solution Chipset (similar to the one in the Philips GoGear HDD Players) (Info)
It controls four independent leds and buttons (Menu, Play/Pause, Prev, Next) and the scroll strip.

Images: 1 | 2 | 3 |

  • 160x128x16bpp
  • on the ribbon - LTM018G14C, 97-LTCB84-C001 REV.A3 or REV.A4
  • on the one side - A018AA1 5811 or A018AA1 51122
  • on the backside - 1G_5830C00640 or 3G_5C13C02921
Images: 1 | 2 | 3 |


3.7V 1000 mAh Li-Ion (Image)


HDD Hitachi Travelstar HTC426030G7CE00 - 30GB 1.8" ZIF (Image)
The player should work with any other HDD of this type (tested with Toshiba MK6028GAL and MK2008GAL).


Packard Bell Support web page for the Vibe 500
Firmware upgrade guide
Firmware updater download link
Disassembly manual

I Attachment Action Size Date Who Comment
BOOT.romrom BOOT.rom manage 229.8 K 08 Mar 2010 - 13:33 SzymonDziok PB Vibe 500 Original Bootloader
JUKEBOX.mi4mi4 JUKEBOX.mi4 manage 3988.0 K 08 Mar 2010 - 13:32 SzymonDziok PB Vibe 500 Original Firmware
r21 - 05 May 2010 - 09:39:34 - SzymonDziok

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