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Palm Tungsten E2 Port Page

This port is intended to:
a) make Rockbox work as an "hybrid" application, that runs on Linux, mostly using kernel API for hardware management
b) demonstrate reuse of old gadgets re-purposing them c) improve Rockbox <-> Linux compatibility (not as an "app" but rather as a "port" smile )


  • CPU: Intel XScale PXA 255 @ 200MHz (ARMv5TE;
  • RAM: 16MB
  • Flash ROM: 32 MiB, including 26MiB user-accessible non-volatile storage
  • AC97 audio IF + touchscreen: WM9712
  • Display: TFT 16 bit 320x320; 2.23 " x 2.23 " (56.57 x 56.57 millimetres); 143 pixels/inch
  • Connectivity: irda + Bluetooth 1.1
  • Loudspeaker (mono); 3,5mm jack stereo plug
  • USB + UART on propertary connector (other in/outs as well)
  • Battery: 1020 mAh (SoC is able to monitor voltage and temperature)

How To

  • KERNEL: TODO how to compile + configuration for kernel 4.x + binaries
  • ROOTFS: TODO how to + buildroot + image
  • ROCKBOX: TODO + binary

Pins and I/O - low level

See gpio-tungstene2.h to have a complete list of important pins that are used.

Devices and I/O - Linux

dev entry device comments
/dev/fb0 framebuffer Standard Linux framebuffer device.
/dev/input/event0 touchscreen/pad Standard Linux input device. Covers whole screen and the touchpad grey area.
/dev/input/event1 keypad Standard Linux input device.

Port status

driver status comments
LCD 100% Standard Linux framebuffer device.
Backlight 0% Works fine so far. Check limits and why in OF there is a different limit/starting point for the two different LCD
Buttons 0% GPIO buttons under Linux API
Touchpad 0% Linux API
Audio 0% AC97 interface; ALSA
Power Management 0% study the possibilities
Storage 100% Storage handled by Linux.
USB 0% I have no cable for that ^^
Plugins 0% Key mappings + display resolution
RTC 0% check

First screens

I have successfully make Rockbox to boot under the fresh Linux environment! As a side note, it is amazing to see where Linux can run :)

  • Linux 4.x kernel booting (and complaining about the filesystem too):
    photo_2015-05-08_08-08-46.jpg photo_2015-05-08_08-08-46.jpg photo_2015-05-08_08-08-46.jpg

-- LorenzoMiori - 08 May 2015

r4 - 02 Apr 2021 - 20:46:07 - UnknownUser

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