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Philips GoGear


This pages summarises what is known about the Philips GoGear devices. This information is based on the following sources:
  • wiki
  • Philips Songbird resources


Many devices comes in several generations and Philips way of naming players is known for being confusing. The only number which is reliable is the model name but even in some cases, it might depend on the series number (like on the Vibe 8GB) ! The USB VID of Philips is 0x471 for all devices, only the PID is relevant. When two IDs are given, one is for MSC and the other for MTP.

USB PID Device Model SoC Comment
0x20A5 0x20A6 Activa ACT1 STMP3780 SigmaTelSTMP3xxx
  GoGear Azure SA5AZU Actions  
  GoGear Ariaz G1 SA1ARA STMP SigmaTelSTMP3xxx
0x20B8 0x20B9 GoGear Ariaz G2 SA2ARA STMP3780 SigmaTelSTMP3xxx
0x20EA 0x20E9 GoGear Ariaz G3 SA3ARA STMP3780 SigmaTelSTMP3xxx
0x2146 0x2145 GoGear Ariaz G4 DRM version SA4ARA08KF_37 STMP3780 SigmaTelSTMP3xxx
0x2138 0x2139 GoGear Ariaz G4 non-DRM version SA4ARA ATJ213x  
0x2070 GoGear Mix G1 SA1MXX STMP3700 SigmaTelSTMP3xxx
  GoGear Mix G2 SA3MXX Rockchip RkNano RockChipNanoB
  GoGear Mix G3 SA3MXX Rockchip RkNano RockChipNanoB
  GoGear Mix G5 SA5MXX Actions  
  GoGear Muse G1 SA1MUS Telechips  
0x20C5 0x20C6 GoGear Muse G2 SA2MUS Rockchip recovery id 0x71B:0x3228, might be RK28
0x20EC 0x20EB GoGear Muse G3 SA3MUS Rockchip recovery id 0x71B:0x3228, might be RK28
0x211D 0x211C GoGear Muse G4 SA4MUS ATJ2127 Unlikely to be ported
  GoGear Raga G1 SA19xx STMP SigmaTelSTMP3xxx
0x20B4 GoGear Raga G2 SA2RGA STMP3770 SigmaTelSTMP3xxx
0x20E3 GoGear Raga G3 SA3RGA STMP3770 SigmaTelSTMP3xxx
0x213D GoGear Raga G4 SA4RGA Actions recovery id 0x10D6:0xFF76
  GoGear Spark G1 SA29xx STMP SigmaTelSTMP3xxx
0x20A3 0x20A4 GoGear Spark G2 SA2SPK STMP3770 SigmaTelSTMP3xxx
0x2117 GoGear Spark G3 SA3SPK STMP3770 SigmaTelSTMP3xxx
  GoGear ViBE G1 SA1VBE STMP SigmaTelSTMP3xxx
0x20B6 0x20B7 GoGear ViBE G2 SA2VBE STMP SigmaTelSTMP3xxx
0x20E4 0x20E5 GoGear ViBE G3 SA3VBE STMP3770 SigmaTelSTMP3xxx
0x20FD 0x20FE GoGear ViBE G3 India SA3VBE04KX_94 STMP3770 SigmaTelSTMP3xxx
0x213F 0x213E GoGear ViBE G4 non-DRM version SA4VBE STMP3770 SigmaTelSTMP3xxx
0x2142 0x2141 GoGear ViBE G4 DRM version SA4VBE04KF_37 STMP3770 SigmaTelSTMP3xxx
  GoGear Opus G1 SA52xx Telechips  
  GoGear Opus G2 SA1OPS Telechips  
0x20FF GoGear Connect 3 SA3CNT i.MX51  
0x2112 GoGear SDR SA3SDR Unknown recovery 0xFF76:0xFF76
0x2113 GoGear SDV SA3SDV STMP3770 SigmaTelSTMP3xxx
0x2122 GoGear Tablet 8 PI7000 Rockchip recovery id 0x71B:0x2123
0x2131 GoGear SoundDot SA4DOT ATJ2127 Unlikely to be ported
0x2130 0x212F GoGear Maxtreme SA4MAX STMP3770 SigmaTelSTMP3xxx
  GoGear Mini SA4MIN Actions  
0x2153 GoGear ACT4 SA4ACT STMP3770 SigmaTelSTMP3xxx
0x20C1 GoGear CAM SA2CAM Vimicro VC082X SuperCube recovery id 0xAC8:0x8200
  GoGear Luxe SA24xx STMP SigmaTelSTMP3xxx
  GoGear Lite SA4LIT Actions  


Philips doesn't publish the addresses of the firmware but I found a pattern. Each player's firmware can be found here:

where NAME is the technical name of the player and LANG is the language. Here are known working examples. Generally speaking, the name is of the form PREFIX GEN BRAND SIZE SUFFIX where PREFIX is sa for most players, the generation can range from 1 to 5 currently, the brand is ARA for Aria, RGA for Raga, and so on. The size is 08 for 8GB, 16 for 16GB and so on. The suffix depends on DRM vs non-DRM and possibly other stuff. Common suffixes are kf_37 for DRM and kf_12 for non-DRM but other exists.

Note that the server usually contains 4 files per player:
  • the firmware (
  • some XML file (hf4_LANG.xml) but it doesn't work all the time
  • a change log (hf2_LANG.html)
  • an upgrade DLL (hf3_LANG.dll) but it doesn't work all the time (*)

(*) the upgrade DLL can anyway be found in the Philips SongBird resources.

player NAME LANG
GoGear Ariaz G4 non-DRM version (8GB) sa4ara08kf_12 fra

-- AmauryPouly - 08 Dec 2013

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