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Philips SAA7750 family


The SAA7750 or "SSA1" is a "System On Chip" complete with a CPU and DSP. The PhilipsPNX0101 or "Symphony" is believed to be later model. The SAA7750 has the following onboard components:

  • 256KB ROM (contents?)
  • 384KB flash
  • 64KB SRAM
  • ARM720T 32-bit processor: ARM7TDMI core, 8KB cache, and MMU; 8.5-72MHz clock speed
  • EPICS7a 24-bit DSP core
  • C18AD10B400K 10 bit ADC (max 400k samples/s @ 10bits)
  • built-in codecs for MP3, AAC, and SoundCodecWMA (details pending)
  • LCD interface for 6800/8080 compatible controllers
  • Watchdog Timer, 2x countdown timers, Real-Time-Clock (@32.768kHz)
  • USB 1.1, IrDA, I²C master+slave, general purpose I/O
  • supports external flash, SDRAM, and MMC/SD memory


  • iriver iFP 1xx + iFP3xx+ iFP5xx - IriverIfpPort
  • Creative Rhomba NX
  • Creative DMP MX
  • Creative Movo SQ


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