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Wiki > Main > IriverIfpPort > IriverFP3XX5XXHardwareComponents > PhilipsSAA7750 (r15)

Philips SAA7750 family


The SAA7750 or "SSA1" is a "System On Chip" complete with a CPU and DSP. The PhilipsPNX0101 or "Symphony" is believed to be later model. The SAA7750 has the following onboard components:

  • 256KB ROM (contents?)
  • 384KB flash
  • 64KB SRAM
  • ARM720T 32-bit processor: ARM7TDMI core, 8KB cache, and MMU; 8.5-72MHz clock speed
  • EPICS7a 24-bit DSP core
  • C18AD10B400K? 10 bit ADC (max 400k samples/s @ 10bits)
  • built-in codecs for MP3, AAC, and WMA (details pending)
  • LCD interface for 6800/8080 compatible controllers
  • Watchdog Timer, 2x countdown timers, Real-Time-Clock (@32.768kHz)
  • USB 1.1, IrDA, I²C master+slave, general purpose I/O
  • supports external flash, SDRAM, and MMC/SD memory


To All: if anyone have any kind of documentation please contact me. GeoffOakham: what kind of documentation? Can you contac't me via email? We can exchange ours documentation. (SplinterAlex? - 25 May 2005)

Most of the above details were found the reference documentation provided by Philips. Due to copyright laws, I can't republish that documentation without their permission. As I understand it, providing information from publications--as I am here--is considered "fair use". (GeoffOakham - 10 Mar 2005)

Hello, I search user manual or reference for processor SSA7750, and here through google have found a page PhilipsSAA7750 on which it is specified, that you possess the information. Be kind, inform if this documentation is already found, I certainly you shall ask to send it to me if it will be possible. Thanks, for that that have distracted on my letter. (AlpxLast? - 09 Mar 2005)

DanielStenberg found details of the processor core in this person's CV and this IRC log.. thanks Daniel!

JordanMelzer found this job posting that mentioned code names Philips' uses for these ICs. - edit by RonaldTeune: this page is dead. Google's got no cache; doesn't have it either. Ah well...

Let's just say that googling for "saa7750 pinning" turns up a very interesting result. - DanHollis

Let's just say that googling for "saa7750 pinning" does nothing now. "saa7750 pinout" shows this page and a Taiwanese page, both without interesting info. - RonaldTeune

Looks like something wrong with google. From the US and Japan it works fine, but from iceland it comes up blank. googling for "saa7750 pinning" turns up this data sheet as the first (and only) link. - DanHollis


r15 - 19 Sep 2005 - 15:02:24 - JonasHaeggqvist

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