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Bubbles is a game in which you fire bubbles with the aim of creating connected clusters of three or more of the same type in order to clear the board.


The goal of the game is to beat each level as quickly as possible by clearing the board of all bubbles. Bubbles are removed from the board when a cluster of three of more of the same type is formed. Any bubbles connected below a removed cluster are also removed (note that they must be only connected to the removed cluster; bubbles connected to a removed cluster and other bubbles at the same time are not removed). The game is over when any bubbles on the board extend below the bottom line. To make things more difficult, the entire board is shifted down every time a certain number of shots have been fired. Points are awarded depending on how quickly the level was completed.


Function Recorder Ondio iriver iPod iAudio Gigabeat
Start a new game On Mode On Play Power
Resume a saved game F1 Down Mode Left/Right Rec Menu
Show high scores Play Up Select
Change the starting level Up/Down Left/Right Up/Down Scroll Left/Right Up/Down Up/Down
Exit game Off OnOff Off Menu Power A
Aim bubble Left/Right Scroll Left/Right Left/Right
Fire bubble Play Up Select
Pause game On Mode On Play Power
Save game F1 Down Mode Left/Right Rec Menu


bubbles-archos.png bubbles.png bubblescolor.png

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