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This is a small and simple calendar application with memo saving function. Dots indicate dates with memos. The available memo types are: one off, yearly, monthly, and weekly memos.

You can select what day is first day of week by the setting First Day of Week in the menu.

This entry was blank, so I just copied text from the manual. Feel free to elaborate. -- JustinHannigan - 2010-05-16
Function iPod Video Sansa e200 Sansa Fuze Sansa Clip Gigabeat F/X MR-100
Move selector Left / Right / Scroll CW / Scroll CCW Directional keys
View event Select
Enter event menu Select *
Next month Play Submenu Vol Up ---
Previous month Menu Play Vol Down ---
Quit Menu+Select Power long Home Power

*: When selector is on a day with no events. If the day has events then view the event and you will be presented with an option to enter the menu (e.g. by pressing play on the MR-100).
CategoryPlugin: Calendar (ALERT! documentation) [RecorderDONE, iPod VideoDONE, Sansa e200DONE, Sansa FuzeDONE, Sansa ClipDONE, GigabeatDONE, MR-100DONE]
r4 - 18 May 2010 - 05:12:23 - JustinHannigan

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