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Chess Clock

The chessclock plugin is made to somehow simulate a chessclock, but it can be used in any kind of games up to ten players.



Function Player Recorder Ondio iRiver MR-100
Go back (previous setting) Stop/Menu Off Mode Rec Power
Accept setting Play Play/Left Right/Left Play Select
Decrease setting Left Down Down Left Down
Increase setting Right Up Up Right Up

  • You are first prompted to enter number of players (1-10).
  • You then set the total game time in mm:ss.
  • You are then prompted for max round time. For example: you want to play scrabble for maximum of 15 minutes each, but each round shall only take maximum of one minute..
  • Done. Player 1 starts in paused mode. So press play top start.

While playing

You will see the number of the current player. The time below is the time remaining of the round (and possible an extra time of the total time left).

Controls of the plugin

Function Player Recorder Ondio iRiver MR-100
Exit plugin On Off OnOff Select Power
Restart round for the player Stop Left Left Stop Display
Pausing the time (press again to continue) Play Play Right Play Select
Switch to next player Right Up Up Right Up
Switch to previous player Left Down Down Left Down
Enter a simple menu Menu F1 Mode Rec Menu

In the menu you can delete a player, modify the round time for the current player or set the total time of the game.

When a round time is out for a player the message "ROUND UP!" is shown (press next to continue).

When the total time is out for a player the message "TIME UP!" is shown. That player will never be part of next-sequence.

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