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Chessbox is a chess game with computer AI. The chess engine is a port of GNU Chess 2 by John Stanback.


Function Recorder Ondio Iriver HXXX iPod iAudio Iriver iFP7XX MR-100
Move the cursor Directions
Select / Move Piece Play Mode Select Select Menu Select Select
Change Level F1 Mode+Off Mode Select+Right Rec Eq Display
Force Play On long Mode Play Select+Play Play Play Play
Restart F3 Mode+Left Rec Select+Left Select ?  
Menu Off Off Off Select+Menu Power Mode Power


Mark1: Basic chess game
Todo Status Description
Levels Done 7 time-based levels
While thinking interaction Done Respond to user interaction while thinking
Autosave position Done Save and restore position automatically
Openings book Done ~250 lines opening book from GNU Chess
Think on your time 0% Already in GNU Chess, needs porting (will take some time)
Mark2: Full featured chess game
Todo Status Description
Menus Done Add menu system
More commands 0% Back, Swap, Hint
Enable/Disable options 0% Think on your time, Openings Book, CPU Boost, Autosave
More options 0% Save battery, Backlight while thinking, Auto Play, Human vs Human, etc.
More levels 0% Tournament time based levels
Mark3: Portable chess assistant
Todo Status Description
Analyze Mode 0% Show evaluations and variations while vieweing a game
.PGN Viewer 50% Loading of games in .PGN format works, saving is still not implemented.


  • Chessbox on the Archos Recorder:

  • Chessbox on the iRiver H100 series:

  • Chessbox on the iRiver H300 series:
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