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Disk Tidy


Disk Tidy deletes the junk files left behind by Windows, Linux, or OS X after a USB connection.


  • disktidy.config is loaded with a list of file/directory names (included in the .zip)
  • disktidy_custom.config is then loaded which is the same list but marks the files/dirs to be deleted
  • the default config is to not remove any files so the first time you run it you need to go into the "Files To Clean" screen the first time. Your changes will then be saved for the next time.
The "Files To Clean" screen: use the usual select option to toggle an item (if it has the cursor icon it will be removed) selecting < ALL > will remove all, < NONE > will deselect all. selecting a < > group will toggle all items in that group

to exit that screen use the standard cancel action (usually left arrow)

Directories are marked with a trailing / and * can be used at the end of the name (e.g .Trash-*/)

Custom configuration

Add any custom folders or files to the bottom of the disktidy_custom.config file in the following format:

< Title >: no
file.ext: no
sub/folder/: no
file2.ext: no

When the Disktidy plugin is run again, the custom choices will be included and can be selected/deselected in the same way as the others.

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