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The Doom plugin is NOT a viewer. It is run from the plugins list, similar to Jewels and the others.

Rockdoom is a modified version of PrBoom version 2.2.6. PrBoom is a source port of the Doom engine that adds many new features to the original game. Most of these features are only noticeable in addon WADs, but some are visible immediately for example translucent sprites (fireballs, plasma, etc..). An explanation of PrBoom's history is also available.

Getting Started

To play Doom you need at least the base WAD called rockdoom.wad plus one or more game WADs.

Install rockdoom.wad

Create a directory called /.rockbox/doom/ on your player (i.e. F:\.rockbox\doom\ for Windows users - where F: is the drive letter for your DAP) and save the following file in that directory:

Install the Game WADs

Copy the Doom WADs you wish to play into that directory and start Doom. The files which Doom looks for are:

  • doom1.wad: Doom (Shareware)
  • doom.wad: Doom
  • doomu.wad: Doom
  • doom2.wad: Doom 2 - Hell on Earth
  • doom2f.wad: Doom 2 French
  • plutonia.wad: Doom 2 - Plutonia Experiment
  • tnt.wad: Doom 2 - TNT - Evilution
A free alternative for Doom 2 is Freedoom. This can be used in place of doom2.wad or it may be used as an addon in Doom by placing it in the addons directory. It may also be renamed to doomf.wad and placed in the .rockbox\doom directory.

The Heretic and Hexen WADs are not supported by Rockdoom.

Disable Voice Options

All settings in General Settings -> Voice must be disabled. See Bugs/Known issues (bottom of this page).

(Optional) Addon WADs

To play addon WADs place the files in this directory: .rockbox\doom\addons. Here is a good link for addons:
  • Top 100 wads: Note: Addons that work with PrBoom 2.2.6 will work in Rockdoom.
NOTE: Please do not upload Doom WADs to this wiki. Aside from copyright issues, this content is better suited to a website specializing in Doom WADs. Feel free to add links to such websites here. WADs that should not be directly linked include ones that contain characters, artwork, sounds, music, or other items that are copyrighted by someone who has not given explicit permission to distribute. Additionally, all links should be to a site where the unencumbered WADs are permanently hosted.

(Optional) Demos

To play demos create the "demos" directory within /.rockbox/doom. Place the LMP files in this directory. Here is a good link for demos:

Menu & Key Descriptions

Please refer to your player's manual.


Doom running on the X5(TNT.wad)

Bugs/Known issues

There are still outstanding bugs in Doom. Please either post them on the tracker or here so that they can be looked at.


  • Ingame music is not currently supported.


  • WADs from GP32 wads - These WADs have modified, non-standard graphics that cause buffer overruns in doom. Rockdoom does/will not support these WADs exiting immediately.

  • A good way to test WADs on the computer to see if they should work is to run PrBoom 2.2.6 with the software renderer. The OpenGL renderer will not work as a check. If the addon runs on PrBoom 2.2.6 with the software renderer a bug report should be filed.

  • These WADs can be fixed using a WAD editor like Deutex to change all the graphics that are oversize or out of range to follow the Doom standards.

Doom Engine

  • Occasionally the game will stall when flipping a switch. This happens because the caching code does not load all of the switch animations. The game resumes after a second or so.

  • All options under General Settings -> Voice must be disabled.
    ("Voice Menus" is on by default, but the voice file needs to be present for this to take effect). Otherwise the engine will crash on plugin menu or game startup with "Undefined Instruction at (Address)" or similar, requiring a hard reboot. The rockdoom plugin code should be corrected to automatically disable voice during use.

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