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A plugin that maintains a favourites playlist. The name of this playlist is hard coded as /favorites.m3u i.e. favorites.m3u in the root directory.

There are 2 ways to add a music file to the favourites list:

  • call the plugin while the music is playing, which adds the currently playing track to the playlist.
  • call the plugin via the On+Play menu on a music file, which adds this file to the favourites list.

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CategoryOldPlugin: Maintains a "Favorites" playlist [PlayerDONE, RecorderDONE, OndioDONE, H100DONE, H300DONE, iPod 4GDONE, iPod ColorDONE, iPod MiniDONE, iPod NanoDONE, iPod VideoDONE, iAudio X5DONE]

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