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Frotz Plugin

This plugin is a port of Frotz to Rockbox. Frotz is a Z-Machine interpreter for playing Infocom's interactive fiction games, and newer games using the same format. It is included in the Rockbox builds and functions as a viewer (you simply select the .z1 - .z8 files to launch them). It does not show up in the "Browse Plugins" list. Most modern games are in the .z5 or .z8 format but the older formats used by Infocom are supported. If you have games in Blorb format (.zblorb or just .blorb) they must be unpacked to get at the .z5/.z8 file inside, and any sounds/pictures/etc included in the blorb cannot be used.

Z-Machine games are text based and most depend heavily on typed commands. The virtual keyboard is used for text entry, both for typing entire lines and for typing single characters when the game requires single character input.


The keybindings used by Frotz can be found in the Plugins chapter of your player's manual.


Todo Status Description
Allow Frotz settings to be configured 0% Default settings are always used for now
Colour support 0%  
Proper font support 0% Will be somewhat awkward, and can only support user/system font
Unicode support 0%  
Better way to input text 0% Add various input helpers such as choosing verbs from a list

Open Bugs

Bug Description
Preloaded input is displayed wrong The Z-Machine spec decided that preloaded input should be printed by the game, not the interpreter; while preloaded input works and can be edited/deleted, the result prints both the preloaded input and the finally-accepted input which looks wrong.


Do not ask for the Infocom games on the forums or IRC; these were commercial releases and thus it is illegal. Many of them are still available for purchase, though: check the Infocom homepage: (Note: link is broken, but you can find a copy here:

Most modern Z-Machine games are free. Links to games/information:

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