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Midi Player


To get MIDI file playback a patchset is required. This file contains the instruments required to synthesize the music. A sample patchset is available here, and needs to be extracted into the .rockbox directory in the root of your player so that you have a directory structure like such: /.rockbox/patchset/, with the patchset directory containing several .pat files and two .cfg files. There's also a zip file with the same contents including the structure so you can extract to the root of the player.


Action iRiver iPod iAudio X5 Gigabeat F/X Sansa e200 MR-100
Volume Up Up Scroll forwards Up Up Scroll CW Up
Volume Down Down Scroll backwards Down Scroll CCW Down
Pause/Resume Playback         Play Display
Stop Playback Stop Menu + Select Power
Skip Forward 3 seconds Right
Skip Backwards 3 seconds         Left

Patchset Readme

This is the original readme text to the above linked patchset (eawpatches):

There has been some interest in using this patch set commercially.  I am
flattered, but I'm not sure what to say here.  I know that there are some
patches that came from the ultrasnd mirrors which contained notices that
they did not wish for them to be used commercially.  Since I raided the
ultrasnd archives many years ago, I couldn't remember which ones were
covered by this, so I just flatly said that the whole set was for
non-commercial use only.  Since then, I have extracted the *.txt and read*.*
files out of all the archives and grep'd them for "commercial".  While several
of them came up as only being for non-commercial use, there are only a few in
my set to which this applies.  These are:

nearly the entire Analog drumset, drumset 25
pistol2.pat     (not currently mapped in cfg files)
machgun1.pat    (not currently mapped in cfg files)

So, basicly you can not use the analog drums or the pistol files in any
commercial work.  This is out of my hands.  The rest of the patches are fully
public domain as far as I know.  It should not be hard to find another
pistol which sounds almost as good.  As for the analog drumset, just go buy
yourself a real TR808 or some other product far superior to these patches.

If you DO use this patch set in a commercial production, I'd like to hear
about it.  A free copy of the production might be nice too :)

I release these patches as "fameware".  If you use them in any non-private
way, give me credit.  These patches are not to be sold for profit (heaven
forbid).  They were free when I got them and so they shall remain.

Eric A. Welsh <>
Center for Molecular Design
Center for Computational Biology
Washington University
St. Louis, MO

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