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OTP Client

This plugin acts as a software one-time password token. It supports services that utilize the OATH-HOTP (RFC4226) protocol for generating one-time-passwords, such as GitHub and others.

More documentation can be found in the manual entry for your device.

-- FranklinWei - 05 Jun 2016

CategoryPlugin: Generate one-time passwords [PlayerDONE, RecorderDONE, H100DONE, H300DONE, H10DONE, Cowon D2DONE, iPod 1G2GDONE, iPod 3GDONE, iPod 4GDONE, iPod ColorDONE, iPod MiniDONE, iPod NanoDONE, iPod VideoDONE, iPod ClassicDONE, iAudio M5DONE, iAudio X5DONE, GigabeatDONE, OndioDONE, Sansa e200DONE, Sansa c200DONE, Sansa ClipDONE, Sansa FuzeDONE, MR-100DONE, MR-500DONE, Vibe 500DONE]

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