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PictureFlow Plugin


PictureFlow is a plugin that provides a nice visualization of the albums with their associated cover art. Since r21143, it took a few steps away from just a visualization, and is since then able to start and control playback.

It is based on code from, and uses the DataBase and AlbumArt features of Rockbox.


  • The main buffer is used, which means unless the size of the playing tracks and/or the RAM of your player is small, you'll have to stop playback.
  • The DataBase needs to be initialised in order to find the albums.

Known issues

  • Smaller images break the illusion of sliding on a black reflective surface, as they are placed higher than the rest.
  • Quickly moving towards the opposite direction while the animation is running causes Pictureflow to interrupt the animation in a choppy and unexpected weird way.
  • The album index can get confused pretty quickly (e.g. by updating the databse), causing covers to not match the corresponding album.


Pictureflow (r15909) on Ipod Video.

Pictureflow (r15909) on Ipod Nano 1G.

Pictureflow (r15909) on Ipod Nano 1G.

Pictureflow (r15941) on Ipod Nano 1G.

Pictureflow (Track listing) (r15941) on Ipod Nano 1G.

Pictureflow (r15946) on Sansa e200.

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r25 - 01 Jun 2009 - 16:51:49 - ThomasMartitz

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