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Plasma demo

The plasma demo is a simple demo plugin which displays a "plasma". When running Plasma, it is possible to change the colours and zoom in and out.


Action iriver H10 iriver H1x0/H3x0 iPod iAudio X5/M5 Recorder Ondio Gigabeat Sansa MR-100
Increase frequency Scroll Up Up Scroll Forward Up Up Up Up Up Up
Decrease frequency Scroll Down Down Scroll Backward Down Down Down Down Down Down
Regenerate Colours Play Select (1) Select (2) Play (3) - - Select Select -

  1. H300 only
  2. Colour models only
  3. X5 only

Screen Shot

NOTE: This is almost complete documentation, but I'm still leaving the "(ALERT! doxumentation)" up. -- DevonGermano - 26 Feb 2008
CategoryPlugin: Plasma (screensaver-like demo) (ALERT! documentation) [RecorderDONE, OndioDONE, H100DONE, H300DONE, H10DONE, iPod 1G2GDONE, iPod 4GDONE, iPod ColorDONE, iPod MiniDONE, iPod NanoDONE, iPod VideoDONE, iAudio M5DONE, iAudio X5DONE, GigabeatDONE, Sansa e200DONE, Sansa c200DONE, Sansa FuzeDONE, MR-100DONE]

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