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Simon Tatham's Puzzle Collection


The game plugins with the sgt- prefix are puzzles are taken from Simon Tatham's Portable Puzzle Collection. Documentation for these puzzles can be found from the "Quick Help" and "Extensive Help" in-game menus, as well as on their official homepage.


These plugins can use a special font pack to provide improved font rendering and sizing. Simply extract the contents of this zip file to the /.rockbox/fonts directory on your target, and the plugin should auto-detect it when run. Note that this will only work with Rockbox versions newer than 17 July 2017.

Easter Eggs

Select "Quick Help" from the pause menu five times to enable the debug menu.

Known Bugs

  • Floating-point configuration options will display a `g' when selected. Entering a value works fine in this case, it just won't be displayed when you select it again.
  • Mines is disabled due to an unknown bug.
  • About 10 other puzzles are disabled due to issues with controls.
  • Magnets cannot be played properly because of no key being mapped to the spacebar (yet).

-- FranklinWei - 16 Mar 2017

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r2 - 18 Jul 2017 - 02:58:44 - FranklinWei

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