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Random Folder Advance Config Plugin

This plugin is used to create the list of music folders needed to be able to use the Random setting under "Auto-change Directory".

To use the random folder advance feature you must first generate the list from the directory list on your player. Use the "generate" option when you enter the plugin.

To remove items from the list use the "Edit List" option when you enter the plugin.
  • The standard OK button removes the selected folder from the list
  • The standard context button brings up a menu.
    • "Remove Folder" - removes the selected folder from the list
    • "Remove Folder Tree" - removes every folder which is a sub foder of the currently selected folder (also removes this folder)

"Remove Folder Tree" on /music/a would remove all the folders starting with /music/a

  • the standard cancel button brings up a menu where you can save and exit, or exit ignoring changes.
From the forums:

Directories also may specifically be included by placing a file called "folder_advance_dir.txt" containing a list of the directories that you want to be scanned in the .rockbox folder. E.g.:


Only the directories listed in this file, and any contained subdirectories, will be scanned. This is a handy way of not having to use the above editing process each time you run the plugin, such as after you add new music to your player.

Directories also may be excluded through this, by using a negative entry in the following form:


With the above, everything in the /CDs directory will be ignored.

If you want the files listed under the CDs directory to be ignored but want to include the subdirectories within CDs, you need to have both the above entries:



You can have a maximum of 10 "removed" directories. this is so that each entry doesn't have to be compared with the whole file (faster).

From experimentation, it appears that if you remove a directory through the use of a folder_advance_dir.txt file, you also must use that file to state what you want included in your list (in other words, the file cannot be used simply to exclude certain directories). Otherwise, an error message and player freeze results. This should be easy enough to do, however.

You must set menu > general > playback > "Auto-change Directory" to "Random" for the resulting config file to be utilized by Rockbox.

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