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Rockpaint Plugin

This is a small paint program. It currently can open and save bmp files. This plugin is only available on targets with a color LCD.

User interface


The cursor is moved using the 4 direction keys. Use the "select" (or "ff" on h10) button to draw. The toolbar is located at the bottom of the screen and will appear when the cursor is moved bellow the bottom of the screen.

Click on one of the 18 colors to select it as the foreground color. Click on the background color to switch foreground and background colors. Click on the foreground color to show the color chooser screen.



Brush size can be changed in the main rockpaint menu.


Fill an area with the foreground color.

Select Rectangle

Select a rectangular area and then use one of the following subtools:


Cut part of the bitmap.



Copy the selection.


Invert colors.

Horizontal Flip

Flip the selection horizontaly.

Vertical Flip

Flip the selection verticaly.

180° Rotation

Rotate the selection.

Color Picker


Pick a color from the bitmap.


Draw a line between two points.


Draws a 3 or 4 point bezier curve. If you want a 3 point bezier curve, use a long click for the 3rd point.


Write text. The text tool has a submenu. Select "Set text" to change the text you want to write. "Change font" is a font browser with live previews of the fonts. "Preview" can be used to change the text's position on the screen. "Apply" and "Cancel" ... i'll let you guess.


Draw a rectange with foreground color.

Rectangle Full

Draw a rectangle with foreground color and fill it with the background color.


Draw an oval with foreground color.

Oval Full

Draw an oval with foreground color and fill it with the background color.

Linear Gradient


Draws a linear gradient.

Radial Gradient

Draws a radial gradient.

Main menu


Close the menu


Clear the drawing. New drawing will be filled with the background color.


Load a bitmap from disc.


Save the bitmap to a .bmp file.

Brush speed

Change the cursor's speed.

Brush size

Brush size for the "brush" tool

Choose color


Change the foreground color using the HSV RGB color chooser.

Grid size

Show/hide a grid over the bitmap.


Exit rockpaint (without saving).

CategoryPlugin: Paint program and bmp viewer [H300DONE, iPod ColorDONE, iPod VideoDONE, iPod NanoDONE, iAudio X5DONE, H10DONE, GigabeatDONE, Sansa e200DONE, Sansa c200DONE]

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rockpaint2.pngpng rockpaint2.png manage 4.4 K 17 Sep 2006 - 13:06 AntoineCellerier Color picker demo
rockpaint3.pngpng rockpaint3.png manage 5.6 K 17 Sep 2006 - 13:06 AntoineCellerier Linear gradient
rockpaint4.pngpng rockpaint4.png manage 4.6 K 17 Sep 2006 - 13:06 AntoineCellerier Color chooser
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