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Shortcuts Plugin

NOTE: This article describes the functionality of this plug-in after reduction due to a core patch - "I've taken over the "add to shortcuts" context menu in the browser"

NOTE: The Rockbox main menu 'Shortcuts' command and the file context menu 'Add to Shortcuts' are not from this plug-in and are independent of it.

The Shortcuts Plugin allows the user to jump to places within the filebrowser of their choice, though users' custom .link files anywhere in the file tree on their DAP.

Launching a .link file from the file browser will show the user a list of entries. Selecting an entry will exit the plugin and leave the user either within the directory selected, or with the file selected in the file browser.

.link files have to be created with a text editor (either on their computer, or using Rockbox's text editor). The format for each entry is a leading slash, followed by the path to the file / directory the user wishes to have as a shortcut. Directory entries without a trailing slash will cause the plugin to exit in the file browser with the directory selected. If the trailing slash is included, then the file browser will be left in the directory on the first file.

Such user created .link files will go straight to the entry in the file tree if the .link file contains only one entry. Otherwise, the same selection menu as is displayed for the main "" file will be shown.

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