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Superdom is a turn based strategy game, where the aim is to defeat the computer player by overpowering them using your army.

When the game starts the player is given roughly 50% of the tiles on the map, two farms, and two factories. To overpower the enemy, you must place resources in adjacent tiles (diagonals do not count), such that your strength is greater than the computers, then attack the square.

Each "year" is broken up into three phases: purchasing, movement, and war. During the purchasing phase you are allocated money and food, may purchase units/buildings, and may access the bank.
During the movement phase you can move your units only to adjacent squares (except planes, which may move anywhere), at a cost of 1 move per unit you move. (Men are considered to be one unit, no matter how many you move). You can change the number of moves you receive by default in the settings, and you may purchase additional moves for $100 each. You may also launch nuclear weapons if you have purchased any.
During the war phase you can attack the enemy. This is where the strengths come into play. Each tile has its own strength for both the computer, and the human player. If you attack a square owned by the computer player where your strength is greater than the computer's, you will win the tile - and take control of any building that were on it. If the strengths are equal, a victor is chosen at random.

The bank (in the purchasing phase) is a place where you can store your money and earn interest (usually about 10% p.a.), however, while the money is in the bank, it is not accessible until the next purchasing phase.

Notes on food

Each year you are allocated an amount of food based on the number of farms you control. Food is used to feed your men, but if you do not have enough food to feed your population of men, some will die of starvation.

Summary of units

Unit Cost Individual strength Special abilities
Men $1 each 1.33 per 100 No square population limit, however require 1 food each per year
Tanks $300 3 None
Planes $600 4 Can move to any human controlled point on the map
Farms $1150 3 Generates additional food at start of year
Factories $1300 3 Generates additional food at start of year
Nukes $2000 2 During the movement phase you may lauch a nuke to destroy all units on a given tile
Also note that the colour of the adjacent tiles also count towards your strength.


superdom.png Superdom on an iPod 5g.

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