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VU Meter

A wonderful set of VU meters!

Recorder Ondio Function
Off OnOff Save settings and quit
On Mode Help
F1 long Mode Settings
Up Up Raise Volume
Down Down Lower Volume

Information This is a VU meter, which displays the volume of the left and right audio channels. There are 3 types of meter selectable. The analogue meter is a classic needle style. The digital meter is modelled after LED volume displays, and the mini-meter option allows for the display of small meters in addition to the main display (as in the images below). From the settings menu the decay time for the meter (its memory), the meter type and the meter scale can be changed.


analog_minis.png analog_no_minis.png digital_minis.png digital_no_minis.png settings.png
CategoryPlugin: VU Meters demo [RecorderDONE, OndioDONE, H100DONE, H300DONE, H10DONE, iPod 4GDONE, iPod ColorDONE, iPod MiniDONE, iPod NanoDONE, iPod VideoDONE, iAudio M5DONE, iAudio X5DONE, GigabeatDONE, Sansa e200DONE, Sansa c200DONE]
r15 - 01 Jan 2008 - 14:12:20 - MarianneArnold

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