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Plugin Wavrecord

Records WAV files on all Archos with recording capabilities, i.e. all type of Recorders and the OndioFM - the Archos Player and OndioSP are excluded. This plugin demonstrates wav recording on these players and gives the possibility to try it out and use it.

Browse to Plugins > Applications > Wavrecord to start the plugin, use the appearing menu like any other. It has the following entries:
  • Sample rate, possible settings: 8000, 11025, 12000, 16000, 22050, 24000, 32000, 44100 (standard), 48000 (all in Hertz)
  • Set channels, Mono or Stereo
  • Set source, "Line In", S/PDIF (Recorders only) or Microphone
  • Start recording, changes to the wavrecord screen and starts recording, press the OFF button to stop and leave the plugin
  • Quit

The aforementioned settings for sample rate, channels and source are private to the plugin, whereas the plugin itself uses the global gain and monitoring volume from the recording settings. Enter the recording screen and adjust these two before starting wavrecord.

Recorded files will be stored in a "recordings" directory which would be created automatically if it doesn't exist yet. On the OndioFM the location of this directory is on the MMC because usually those have more storage than the internal memory nowadays (and a bit less than 128MB isn't much for a .wav file).

Note to OndioFM users: Some MMCs can't be written to fast enough to store the amount of data away, in this case the displayed filesize stops increasing and only an abort with pressing OFF is possible.


Wavrecord screen: shows path (here on OndioFM), properties of the recorded wav and filesize which increases as long as it records.

CategoryPlugin: WAV recording on Archos Recorders and OndioFM! [RecorderDONE, OndioFM]

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