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XWorld is an emulator of the virtual machine found in the game Another World (also known as Out of This World in some locales). It is a port of Fabother World.

Data Files

To play Another World, you'll need a copy of the data files from a DOS installation. The interpreter supports both the US and EU versions of the game, known as "Out of This World" and "Another World," respectively. The US version is recommended as the interpreter has several workarounds specific to that version which improve the experience.

Filename MD5 checksum (US version)
BANK01 aa64c5ecf6ba99cb58463fa187d45051
BANK02 55b91b0203cd29da76f3768818c90a72
BANK03 c395f4eda58e9e8e848c0afbd0f1a4e9
BANK04 2f8433752fea85450111c2ab0017f569
BANK05 6a5a5615ae16e20bc919901926c02a62
BANK06 3c0f4b081e1a0053279ce9fd6b0c5022
BANK07 92cdd958dca0d79eaf2f66f0aea7f488
BANK08 7983bdaa30d31ddb89d28f0d75a40af8
BANK09 f46299426b01f02969c3c177d30587da
BANK0A 511df1c6034885471fe92c4490e21b59
BANK0B 1513703bc332464d93305739694249cd
BANK0C 02877f4a22df61868ce3ffb2cbbbcf0c
BANK0D 63d0298fd161f488856907d329f46b0f
MEMLIST.BIN 4605962431175a5b961f6db4041adcff

Copy these files to the /.rockbox/xworld/ directory on your player. Any other files found in the archives can be discarded as they are not required.

For copyright reasons, XWorld ships with an alternate set of strings and an alternate font by default. However, XWorld will load a custom string table from "/.rockbox/xworld/xworld.strings" if it is present, and/or a custom font from "/.rockbox/xworld/xworld.font", which you need to create yourself based on data extracted from an original installation of the game.

Rockbox Utility does not install data files for this game.

Please do not ask for data files/copyrighted game resource files on the forums or IRC because it is illegal.

Getting Started

When you first start XWorld, you are presented with the code wheel verification screen. To proceed, use the code wheel which was found in the original packaging when you purchased the game and enter the symbols that correspond with the challenge that is given by the game.


Screenshot of XWorld running

First glimpse of Another World



Todo Status
Vertical stride support Some code written, still a ways to go
Grayscale support Needs integration with graylib, but this may interfere with the user timer
Testing XWorld has not been tested on many targets, and some bugs may still exist. Please report any you find.

-- FranklinWei - 6 Nov 2016

CategoryPlugin: Another World virtual machine [iPod Video DONE, Sansa E200 DONE, Sansa Fuze DONE]

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