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PortalPlayer is a company that makes a chipset using the same name. They are system-on-chip chips with various peripheral connections and two ARM CPU cores. These are used by various iPods, the iRiver H10 and the Rio Karma, among other devices. As of Jan 5th 2007, PortalPlayer was acquired by NVidia Corporation. As a result, the below links to the PortalPlayer documents are from Wayback Machine archives. nVidia's first chips based on the PortalPlayer architecture were named the GoForce series. nVidia's Tegra series also appear to contain traces of this earlier heritage.

Register Descriptions

Reverse-engineered register descriptions are maintained here:

The nVidia Tegra registers are present in this Android Linux kernel branch, for example: arch/arm/mach-tegra/include/mach/iomap.h. A diff of that branch is attached: tegra.patch.bz2

Models and Players


  • iPod 1st & 2nd Gen > PP 5002 + Wolfson WM8721 - IpodPort
  • iPod 3rd Gen > PP 5002 + codec Wolfson WM8731L - IpodPort
5002 Product Briefing


5003 Product Briefing
Interesting tidbit about the PP5003


  • iPod 4th Gen > PP 5020 + codec Wolfson WM8975 - IpodPort
  • iPod Photo/Color/U2 > PP 5020 + codec Wolfson WM8975 - IpodPort
  • iPod Mini 1st Gen > PP 5020 + codec Wolfson WM8721- IpodPort
  • iriver H10 5/6/20 GB > PP 5020 + codec Wolfson WM8731 - IriverH10Port
  • Tatung Elio TPJ-1022 > PP 5020 + codec WM8731L - ElioTPJ
  • Philips HDD100/120 > PP 5020
  • Samsung YH-925 > PP 5020 + codec AKM AK4537VN
  • Samsung YH-920 > PP 5020 + codec AKM AK4537VN - SamsungYH
  • Samsung YH-820
  • m:robe MR-100 > PP 5020 - OlympusMR100Port
5020 Product Briefing


  • iPod Nano 1st Gen > PP5021C-TDF Wolfson WM8975G - IpodPort
  • iPod Video 5th Gen > PP5021C-TDF + video DSP Broadcom BCM2722 + codec Wolfson WM8758 - IpodPort


Used in the Second Generation iPod Mini and color iPods (20GB and 60GB) manufactured from about August 2005 onwards (Hardware Revision 0x60004). This seems to be software-compatible with the PP5020 - the ipodlinux code doesn't appear to differentiate between the two, and works on both processors.

5022 Product Briefing


5024 Product Briefing

mi4 file format

The FileFormatMI4 seems to be used for non-iPod PortalPlayer devices.


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