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Rockbox Privacy Policy

First, it must be stated up front that Rockbox is not a legal entity of any sort.

For purposes of this document, "Rockbox" refers to the set of on-line services that are used to facilitate development and end-user user support of the Rockbox open source jukebox firmware project.

All Rockbox services are provided under the domain, and are hosted by a volunteer in Alachua County, Florida, USA.

Data Collected by Rockbox

Rockbox only collects the minimum information necessary to provide the services requested by our users. This includes:

  • E-mail addresses provided for authentication and notification purposes.
  • IP address at time of registration
  • IP address and URL (or other request details) and a timestamp for each request made to our servers.

Additionally, Rockbox collects data users explicitly send to us; this includes:

  • Any information added to account profiles (eg name, location, nicknames, etc)
  • Whatever the user includes in submitted bug tickets, patch submissions, emails, and so forth.

Note that in order to participate in Rockbox development, the user will need to disclose their legal name. "Development" includes all source code and documentation contributions, as well as any edits/submissions made to the wiki and theme site. Legal names are necessary for proper attribution under copyright law.

Also note that one's legal name is necessary to make financial contributions made to help offset Rockbox's development and operating costs.

Use & Disclosure of Personal Data

  • Rockbox will not use personal data for advertising or marketing purposes.
  • Rockbox will not intentionally disclose personal information to third parties except where legally required.
  • We will cooperate with legal requests from law enforcement.

External Authentication

  • If the user explicitly chooses to authenticate using an external authentication provider (eg Google or OpenID), their credentials are shared in order to perform the authentication, and periodically checked/refreshed to ensure the authentication session is still valid.
  • Other than what is needed for authentication, we do not supply, request, nor make use of, any other information that the external providers may have.
  • We do not have any control over what the external authentication provider does with this information.

User Tracking

  • Rockbox uses "cookies" solely for authentication, associating users with their login sessions. Cookies are not shared across our services or with any third parties.
  • Rockbox does not track its users' individual activities, although logs are analyzed to provide overall usage statistics for our services.
  • Rockbox will not use any user data, or their activity data, for advertising or marketing purposes.

Data retention

  • Retention time for server logs varies from service to service, but are rarely kept for more than one month.
  • User-contributed content on the wiki and forums, as well as submissions to the bug tracker, patch tracker, and theme site, is retained indefinitely.
  • Every post to the mailing lists and the #rockbox IRC channel is retained indefinitely in a public archive.
  • Records of all financial contributions are retained for at least seven years.

-- SolomonPeachy - 16 Nov 2020

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