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A summary of commonly used words, phrases, acronyms/initialisms and abbrevations used in the Rockbox project. Please sort items alphabetically.



Archos Jukebox Recorder. See also Recorder


Initialism for bootloader.


A bootloader is a small piece of code (usually installed to flash memory) who's only job is to find and start up a copy of Rockbox found on the hard drive. On iRiver devices, for instance, the original factory firmware file is patched with a custom Rockbox bootloader and then installed to flash memory. Rockbox itself resides entirely on the hard drive of the player.


A player is said to be bricked if it's not usable (as a player smile in any way and cannot be repaired without hardware means.


A "build" is a compiled Rockbox package for a given device. Since Rockbox supports lots of different devices with different CPU types and hardware abilities, the source must be specifically configured and compiled for each target. The resulting package of binaries and support files is called a "build".

(Cross-) compiler

See CrossCompiler.

Current Build

The latest possible build, updated on every source change. Available at


Digital Audio Player. What is sometimes called "mp3 player". The hardware Rockbox runs in.


Archos FM Recorder, see also V2


Short for FlySpray, our bug tracking system. It is often written as FS#xxxx, where xxxx is the FlySpray task ID number.


Short for iPodLinux.


Archos Jukebox Studio, see also Player


Used in the documentation to refer generically to a portable MP3 player. Any hardware that Rockbox runs on can be considered to be a Jukebox.


A new buffering engine that allows storing of any kind of data related to an audio track in the main buffer while this track is playing. This is the current buffering engine for SWCODEC targets since Oct 25 2007. See MetadataOnBuffer


Original/Old Firmware. The firmware that was in place before Rockbox replaced it.


When we talk about patches, we mean a set of source code changes as produced with the diff tool. To apply a patch, you first need to have a development environment setup and working. See WorkingWithPatches


Often used to identify the Archos Player models. Also known as Archos Jukebox 5000/6000 and Archos Studio 10/20. If you want to speak of an mp3 player in generic terms, please try to avoid using the single word "player" since it has been used to identify this kind of Archos model for many years and old habits are hard to break.


Often used to identify the Archos Recorder models. Also referred to as AJBR a times. Full model names include Archos Recorder 6/10/15/20 (v1), Archos FM Recorder and Archos Recorder V2.

Red Build

Somtimes just called "red" (often combined with exclamation marks and pointing fingers), refers to the color used to mark build errors in the build table. See also "Yellow Build".


Same as OF


Red LED Of Death - a (in)famous bug in Rockbox that haunted us for a very long time. The ATA driver hung with the red LED lit. Only happened with a certain brand of hard drives (Hitachi DK23CA?/DA).


The Rockbox loader. Read here about it.


The root directory is the main directory. For example, the root directory of the C drive is "C:\".


The UiSimulator.


Contraction of "Subversion." See UsingSVN.


The Rockox playback engine based on software codecs run by the CPU. Often used to refer to targets which use this engine (all except the Archoses).


A target is another word for "architecture" or device type, i.e., "Daily builds for iRiver targets can be downloaded over there".


Refers to the Archos Recorder v2 unit. It is pretty much an Archos FM Recorder but without the FM parts.


Initialization of While Playing Screen. The screen that is shown while a song is playing. You can use a CustomWPS (see also the WpsGallery for inspiration). You can of course leave the screen while the song is playing, but you can only see the WPS while actually playing a song.

Yellow Build

Somtimes just called "yellow", refers to the color used to mark compiler warnings in the build table. See also "Red Build".
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