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PyTagDB is an implementation of the TagDB format in Python. It parses a set of TagDB files into an iterator and set of Python data types from which information can easily be extracted. This can be used for various read operations on the TagDB (write operations are planned at some point). The code is a bit messy, but works fine.

It can be found at as


Included with this archive is an XMMS2 client which uses the tagdb implementation to sync the XMMS2 medialib with a mounted rockbox device. Currently it syncs the entire device, but one can adjust the Collection that is built in the source (for now) to reference the desire collection. Support for converting any bindata stored for that song in the XMMS2 Medialib to bmp files of a desire size is also forthcoming.

The syncer can be used by adjusting RB_MNT_POINT and RB_MUSIC_DIR, mounting the respective device on RB_MOUNT_POINT and running

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