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The Quick Menu

The Quick Menu allows you to access and change certain frequently-used settings:

TIP The Quick Menu is accessed from the file browser or the While Playing Screen. To access the Quick Menu, press and hold the A-B Button (iriver, iAudio), press and hold the Menu button (iPod), or press the F2 button (Archos Recorder models).

Shuffle Mode

Shuffle mode plays each track in the currently playing list in a random order rather than in the order shown in the browser.

Repeat Mode

Repeat mode has the following options.

Off Current directory or playlist is not repeated.
One Repeat the current song.
All Repeat the current directory or playlist.
Shuffle When the current directory or playlist has finished playing, it will be shuffled and then repeated.

Show Files

Show files determines what type files can be seen in the browser. The options are:

All The browser displays all files on the disk.
Supported The browser displays any files Rockbox supports.
Music The browser displays only music files and directories.
Playlists The browser displays playlists and directories.
Database The database? is used to navigate your music.

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