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Release Checklist

What to do at release time

At the 3.0 release it was obvious that we didn't have everything setup fine in time when the announcement was made. This is an attempt to list what we should do/have done at the time of the release announcement!

Some steps only apply if we want new flash packages to accompany the release. These are marked FLASH.

  1. svn update the release branch to the correct state
  2. FLASH: bump LATEST_BOOTLOADER_VERSION in apps/plugins/rockbox_flash.c and the flash package version and rockbox release version in the manual (archos-flashing.tex).
  3. FLASH: build bootbox and the flash loader (flash/bootloader/) for all archoses. Test-assemble the flash packages (without a main image) and check for rombox address mismatch. On mismatch, fix it and restart from the previous step.
  4. edit tools/ to mention the correct release number
  5. edit the build scripts (tools/release/*) to use the correct version string for all builds
  6. build all the Rockbox binary zips (and fonts) (using ./tools/release/
  7. FLASH: Assemble the flash packages using the previous images, a hex editor, the flash loaders and bootbox just built, plus rockbox.ucl/rombox.ucl from the release packages just built.
  8. build the source 7z archive (using ./tools/release/
  9. build all manuals (using ./tools/release/
  10. build all voices (using ./tools/release/
  11. copy zips, source, manuals and voices to the download mirror master
  12. update release version in tools/
  13. tag the release (example: "svn cp svn:// svn://")
  14. make sure we have a rbutil version around that can install the new version
  15. make sure there's a proper release notes wiki page in order
  16. update the download page to link to new current release packages / docs
  17. add the release number to flyspray
  18. draft a press release so that any pages covering it have some basic "correct" facts about Rockbox they can use
  19. send release announcement mail to the Rockbox mailing lists
  20. update release checkwps binarys on the themesite, run checkwps on all themes.
r11 - 27 Jun 2011 - 22:13:31 - AlexParker

Copyright by the contributing authors.