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Release Notes for Rockbox 1.2

ALERT! These release notes were originally posted to the mailing list.

We are happy to announce the release of Rockbox version 1.2.

Changes include:

General changes since 1.1

  • Battery level indicator
  • USB cable inserted detection
  • Backlight timeout support
  • Introduced the While-Playing-Screen (WPS)
  • Digital out now supported
  • New ".mp3 and .m3u"-only dir filter mode
  • Key repeat support on various places
  • Configurable directory sorting, defaults to case insensitive sorting
  • Key lock (Menu+Stop on player, F1+Down on Recorder)
  • Relative paths in file lists are now supported
  • Dir playback is now handled using ram playlists
  • Several vital functions now execute in cpu-internal RAM for increased speed
  • Battery voltage statistics keeping
  • Fixed lots of little bugs

Player-specific changes since 1.1

  • The sound settings work again
  • Some pitch problems were resolved
  • Sound distortion problem fixed
  • The LCD icons are being used

Recorder-specific changes since 1.1

  • Playback works on Recorder 6 and Recorder 10 versions.
  • Settings are now saved in the RTC memory area to survive reboots
  • New sound settings: Auto Volume control, Bass Boost, Loudness
  • More Sokoban levels!
  • Status bar added
  • Battery charging support


Dowload it at Make sure to read the release notes.


For discussion about Rockbox, please join the mailing list. See for information.

There is also an active IRC channel. See

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