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Release Notes for Rockbox 1.3

ALERT! These release notes were originally posted to the mailing list.

Hi all.

We've come another step on the way. Version 1.3 is ready for download.

General changes since 1.2

  • Persistent settings
  • Resume, including playlist resume and mid-track resume
  • Remote control support
  • Increased battery life
  • No playback gap between tracks (if they are aligned)
  • Fast forward/reverse in-track
  • Improved battery charging
  • Configurable disk spindown timer
  • Turning on/off shuffle while playing a list now works as expected
  • Balance sound setting
  • Option to show/hide hidden files
  • Bugs fixed

Player-specific changes since 1.2

  • Sound distortion problem fixed (again)
  • USB icon used

Recorder-specific changes since 1.2

  • Clock setting
  • Improved button sensitivity
  • New game: Wormlet
  • New USB mode graphic


As always, it's available here:

(New win32 simulators will be available soon.)

CategoryReleaseNotes: Rockbox 1.3 (released 2002-08-28)

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