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Release Notes for Rockbox 1.4

ALERT! These release notes were originally posted to the mailing list.

Hi all.

I'm happy to announce yet another release of Rockbox: Version 1.4.

General changes since 1.3

  • Loadable WPS templates (.wps files)
  • Loadable languages (.lng files)
  • Loadable settings (.cfg files)
  • Rockbox Loader (ROLO): Load and execute firmware files
  • Text reader
  • Repeat mode options: Off, All, One
  • Disk read retry (shock proofing)
  • Ffwd/rew accelleration
  • Dirs and menus now wrap
  • Channel setting (left,right,mono,stereo)
  • "Follow playlist" browser feature
  • Improved ID3 support
  • Idle poweroff

Player-specific changes since 1.3

  • File type icons
  • Animated progress indicator
  • Charger status indication

Recorder-specific changes since 1.3

  • Loadable fonts (.fnt files)
  • Enabled DRAM burst mode: Major speed boost!
  • Adjustable playback pitch 50-200%
  • Quickset screens on F2 and F3 buttons
  • ON + UP/DOWN acts like PgUp/PgDn in dir browser
  • Scrollbars added in many places
  • Peak meter
  • Oscillograph demo
  • Proper pixel scrolling


As always, you will find the firmware on our web site:


Don't miss the new rewritten user manual:

CategoryReleaseNotes: Rockbox 1.4 (released 2002-10-11)

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