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Release Notes for Rockbox 2.1

ALERT! These release notes were originally posted to the mailing list.

Hi all.

I'm happy to annouce the release of version 2.1 of Rockbox. It is available for download here:

General changes since 2.0

  • Loadable plugins
  • Dynamic playlist creation and manipulation
  • Configurable max directory size (default: 400 files)
  • Configurable max playlist size (default: 10000 files)
  • Remote control now works while keys are locked
  • Car mode: Pauses and resumes playback with charger power loss and restore
  • Caption backlight: Briefly turns on backlight during track change
  • Battery meter is more accurate during the first minutes after boot
  • Automatically detects modified archos.mod/ajbrec.ajz after exiting USB mode and asks if you want to run it
  • Files and configurations in /.rockbox are now accessible from Menu
  • Stopped playlists can be resumed from File Browser by pressing ON
  • Never turns off/reboots while charger is connected
  • .wps files now support comments
  • Improved ID3v2 support
  • Option of hiding icons in File Browser

Player-specific changes since 2.0

  • Games: Jackpot and NIM
  • Jump scroll: Scrolls the entire screen width each step
  • The Line In port is enabled

Recorder-specific changes since 2.0

  • Rockbox can now be stored in flash ROM, giving much quicker bootup
  • Support for V2 recorders
  • Radio support (FM only)
  • Default contrast is now auto-detected, preventing unreadable display
  • Option of using an inverted bar instead of cursor in File Browser and Menu
  • Frame-accurate recording file splits set manually or preset by time
  • Improved Xing header generation in recorded files
  • New games: FlipIt, Othelo, Snake, Star, Sliding Puzzle and Chip8 emulator
  • A calendar application plugin


The Rockbox user manual is available here:

The manual is still a work in progress. We hope to finish it soon.

A list of Frequently Asked Questions (with answers) is available here:

Bug reports

If you experience inappropriate performance from any supported feature, please file a bug report on our web page. Do not report missing features as bugs, instead file them as feature requests.


All files in Rockbox are subject to the GNU General Public License. The full license text is available here:


Please direct questions, comments and other feedback to the mailing list. See the web page for subscription instructions:

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