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Release Notes for Rockbox 2.3

ALERT! These release notes were originally posted to the mailing list.

After another long wait, Rockbox version 2.3 is released. Download it here:

Here are the release notes, listing some of the changes since version 2.2:

            __________               __   ___.
  Open      \______   \ ____   ____ |  | _\_ |__   _______  ___
  Source     |       _//  _ \_/ ___\|  |/ /| __ \ /  _ \  \/  /
  Jukebox    |    |   (  <_> )  \___|    < | \_\ (  <_> > <  <
  Firmware   |____|_  /\____/ \___  >__|_ \|___  /\____/__/\_ \
                    \/            \/     \/    \/            \/

General changes since 2.2

  • Spoken menus, filenames and directories (*)
  • Support for Archos Ondio
  • File type associations and "open with..." plugin bindings
  • Added ability to delete directories, even recursively
  • New WPS tags for information about next song in playlist
  • ON+PLAY menu can now also be accessed with a long press on PLAY
  • New directory sort options: date and file type
  • Clean shutdown which spins down the disk before cutting power
  • Faster scrolling in file browser
  • Easy-to-use installation program for windows
  • New language: Bulgarian
  • New plugins: Sort, euroconverter, search, chessclock, vbrfix, stopwatch, metronome

(* See

Recorder-specific changes since 2.2

  • During recording disk doesn't spin up until needed, allowing undisturbed use of internal mic for short recordings
  • Optional button help bar at bottom of screen
  • More detailed MDB (dynamic bass) settings
  • Rombox, optionally saving ~170KB RAM by running code from flash (*)
  • Recording can pause
  • Recorded files now get ID3 v2.3 tags instead of v2.4, since some tools have problems reading v2.4 tags
  • Red LED behaviour changed during recording: On during recording and blinking when paused
  • New font format. 2.3 requires new fonts, 2.2 fonts are not compatible.
  • New plugins: Minesweeper, solitaire, mp3 split editor, snake2, pong, JPEG viewer, mandelbrot

(* Not available for FM Recorder or Ondio FM. See wiki.)


Note that Rockbox has moved to a new domain:

The Rockbox user manual (not yet completely up-to-date) is available here:

A list of Frequently Asked Questions with answers is available here:

We use a wiki to collect information and keep it updated:

Bug reports

If you experience inappropriate performance from any supported feature, please file a bug report on our web page. Do not report missing features as bugs, instead file them as feature requests.


All files in Rockbox are subject to the GNU General Public License. The full license text is available here:


Please direct questions, comments and other feedback to the mailing list. See the web page for subscription instructions:


Rockbox is a collaborative project with many contributors:

Björn Stenberg, Linus Nielsen Feltzing, Daniel Stenberg, Andy Choi, Andrew Jamieson, Paul Suade, Joachim Schiffer, Alan Korr, Gary Czvitkovicz, Stuart Martin, Felix Arends, Ulf Ralberg, David Härdeman, Thomas Saeys, Grant Wier, Julien Labruyére, Nicolas Sauzede, Robert Hak, Dave Chapman, Stefan Meyer, Eric Linenberg, Tom Cvitan, Magnus Öman, Jerome Kuptz, Julien Boissinot, Nuutti Kotivuori, Heikki Hannikainen, Hardeep Sidhu, Markus Braun, Justin Heiner, Magnus Holmgren, Bill Napier, George Styles, Mats Lidell, Lee Marlow, Nate Nystrom, Nick Robinson, Chad Lockwood, John Pybus, Uwe Freese, Randy Wood, Gregory Haerr, Philipp Pertermann, Gilles Roux, Mark Hillebrand, Damien Teney, Andreas Zwirtes, Kjell Ericson, Jim Hagani, Ludovic Lange, Mike Holden, Simon Elén, Matthew P. OReilly, Christian Schönberger, Henrik Backe, Craig Sather, José Maria Garcia-Valdecasas Bernal, Stevie Oh, Jörg Hohensohn, Dave Jones, Thomas Paul Diffenbach, Roland Kletzing, Itai Shaked, Keith Hubbard, Benjamin Metzler, Frederic Dang Ngoc, Pierre Delore, Huw Smith, Garrett Derner, Barry McIntosh, Leslie Donaldson, Lee Pilgrim, Zakk Roberts, Francois Boucher, Matthias Wientapper, Brent Coutts, Jens Arnold, Gerald Vanbaren, Christi Scarborough, Steve Cundari, Mat Holton, Jan Gajdos, Antoine Cellerier, Brian King, Jiri Jurecek

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