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Release Notes

This page is a work-area for the release notes for the next release. Whenever the release is done, the text from this page should be moved to a new page ReleaseNotesXY (ie. ReleaseNotes25 for the upcoming 2.5 release) and this page should be emptied. See also ChangeLog?.

Mark Meaning Missing
HELP Something where there is uncertainty or a question that needs answering. 0
ALERT! Something that needs attention only at the moment of release. 3
DONE This section is ready, except for HELP and ALERT! marks. 0

The release notes should not contain any links to elsewhere in the wiki - the text should be readable stand-alone. Information about who provided which patches, who patched what and which bug numbers are affected is probably not relevant to a release-note, so it shouldn't be included here.

See also the 2.4 release mail.

Release Notes for Rockbox 2.5 DONE

ALERT! To clarify - this is a working area for creating the Release notes! Rockbox 2.5 has NOT been released yet

The Rockbox project is pleased to announce the immediate availability of Rockbox 2.5 for Archos Jukebox 5000, 6000 and Studio, Archos Jukebox Recorder 6, 10, 15 and 20, Archos Jukebox Recorder v2, Archos Jukebox FM Recorder, Archos Ondio FM and Archos Ondio SP.

Since the release of Rockbox 2.4 on December 23rd 2004, a lot has happened in the Rockbox project. Despite the plans to start releasing every two months, a good while longer has passed since. This has been caused partly by a lot of work going into the iriver port (more about this later) and partly by the fact that noone got around to preparing the release. Now it is time to release Rockbox 2.5 to you, as there are many new features and changes that we feel you should all benefit from.

If you can't wait, hurry up to and get the release now! If you're curious about what's changed, read on for a quick summary, or read the full changelog on which contains all changes since Rockbox 2.4 was released.

Enjoy Rockbox - we enjoy making it.

What's new? DONE

Among the more notable changes, is the fact that the dreaded Red LED Death, a long-standing bug that showed itself by the red harddisk LED being stuck on, has almost been fixed. It now occurs very rarely, and these crashes may in fact be caused by different bugs. Futhermore, an ID3 database browser has been added to Rockbox, making it possible to browse your files organised by artist, album or title - regardless of how your files are arranged in the filesystem. A searchengine for this behaviour has also been created, allowing you to create playlists from a wide range of criteria, such as "Artist contains john and year > 1995".

On the recording side of things, volume triggered recording has been added. Rockbox can automatically detect sound, start a recording and then stop the recording on silence. This feature is quite advanced, and allows for a lot of different variations of recording based on sound level.

The behaviour of the red LED has changed. When rockbox is in recording mode the red LED indicates that a recording is in progress. During playback it shows hd activity just as before.

Because of the added features, it is no longer possible to keep RomBox and the original Archos firmware in flash. To still have a backup firmware, a new minimal firmware called Bootbox has been created to put in place of the Archos firmware. Bootbox is a lot smaller, and this means that there's now plenty of room for Rockbox in the flash. It also means that we can in the future distribute full flash images with no Archos firmware. The rockbox wiki pages include information about using Bootbox. The risk of corrupted recordings has also been lowered considerably.

Again, if you want the full set of changes, have a look at the changelog at which is an extensive list of changes since Rockbox 2.4.

How to upgrade DONE

Note: If you've been using a build other than Rockbox 2.4, some of these things may be slightly different.

Before you upgrade, you should save your current settings to a file, as they will be reset to the default settings when installing Rockbox 2.5. This is done through the menu "General Settings > Manage Settings > Write .cfg file".

Download Rockbox 2.5 from Using the Windows installer is the easiest way to install Rockbox 2.5. Simply run the installer and follow the on-screen instructions. The other alternative is to download the ZIP file for your jukebox and unzip it to the root (top) directory of your jukebox disk. Make sure you stop/eject/unmount the usb disk before you unplug it. All files in the zip file must be extracted, don't just install a few of them.

If you need more help, or want to use Bootbox to be able to install Rockbox to flash memory, see the Documentation section of this document for information on where to find help for doing this.

Now load the settings you saved before upgrading. This is done through the menu (note the new location) "Manage Settings > Browse .cfg files".

Documentation DONE

Rockbox comes with an extensive manual, which can be found on In addition to this, a version of the manual is in the process of being put into the Rockbox Wiki to allow easy editing by everyone, which can be found on

Works in progress DONE

Since the last release work has progressed on ports to Gmini 120, the iriver H120/H140, H320/H340 and recently the iAUDIO X5, to be able to run Rockbox on newer players as the Archos models are slowly disappearing from the market. None of these are currently ready for release, but we'll give a short status summary from each port.

Gmini port DONE

There was work started on a Rockbox port to some Archos Gmini models, that was looking really fine. The work has since then stalled completely since the main Gmini developer stopped his work due to a computer break-down. Find more info about this port on

Iriver ports DONE

The iriver H120/H140 port is far better manned, and is capable of playing multiple file formats. Though still not full-featured (missing features include recording and remote display support), a lot of people are using Rockbox exclusively on their irivers already. A port to the iriver H320/H340 is planned and will probably happen a lot faster than the current port since it shares a lot of its hardware with the H120/H140 series. Almost all of the remaining hardware has been identified now, and the main obstacle for a H320/H340 port to begin now is that no bootloader has been written. After this is done, drivers for the new (compared to H120/H140) hardware needs to be written, and the port should be ready to fly. Linus Nielsen Feltzing has recently started creating schematics of the H320/H340 and connected the BDM wiggler and further investigated the hardware to be able to write the bootloader needed for further progress. A good starting point for more information is


A port to the iAUDIO X5 has been started. Currently it is pretty much a one-man job. Christian Gmeiner is working on documenting the hardware and blindly writing drivers for some of it without being able to run code on it yet. The hardware is similar to the iriver H320/H340 in a lot of aspects so these two ports should be able to benefit from eachother. Read more about this port on

Known bugs DONE

As much as we try to avoid it, some bugs have simply not been worked out yet, and are still present in Rockbox 2.5. This is (unfortunately) not a complete list, but covers the best known, unresolved bugs.

  • The ID3 database browser's context menu doesn't work as you'd expect on folders, only on individual songs.

(ALERT! Copy remaining bugs from ReleaseTodo)

Credits DONE

Rockbox is a collaborative project with many contributors: (ALERT! Keep up to date as new contributors are added. We really don't want anyone left out.)

Björn Stenberg, Linus Nielsen Feltzing, Andy Choi, Andrew Jamieson, Paul Suade, Joachim Schiffer, Daniel Stenberg, Alan Korr, Gary Czvitkovicz, Stuart Martin, Felix Arends, Ulf Ralberg, David Härdeman, Thomas Saeys, Grant Wier, Julien Labruyére, Nicolas Sauzede, Robert Hak, Dave Chapman, Stefan Meyer, Eric Linenberg, Tom Cvitan, Magnus Öman, Jerome Kuptz, Julien Boissinot, Nuutti Kotivuori, Heikki Hannikainen, Hardeep Sidhu, Markus Braun, Justin Heiner, Magnus Holmgren, Bill Napier, George Styles, Mats Lidell, Lee Marlow, Nate Nystrom, Nick Robinson, Chad Lockwood, John Pybus, Uwe Freese, Randy Wood, Gregory Haerr, Philipp Pertermann, Gilles Roux, Mark Hillebrand, Damien Teney, Andreas Zwirtes, Kjell Ericson, Jim Hagani, Ludovic Lange, Mike Holden, Simon Elén, Matthew P. OReilly, Christian Schönberger, Henrik Backe, Craig Sather, José Maria Garcia-Valdecasas Bernal, Stevie Oh, Jörg Hohensohn, Dave Jones, Thomas Paul Diffenbach, Roland Kletzing, Itai Shaked, Keith Hubbard, Benjamin Metzler, Frederic Dang Ngoc, Pierre Delore, Huw Smith, Garrett Derner, Barry McIntosh, Leslie Donaldson, Lee Pilgrim, Zakk Roberts, Francois Boucher, Matthias Wientapper, Brent Coutts, Jens Arnold, Gerald Vanbaren, Christi Scarborough, Steve Cundari, Mat Holton, Jan Gajdos, Antoine Cellerier, Brian King, Jiri Jurecek, Jacob Erlbeck, Jean-Philippe Bernardy, Dave Hooper, Jonas Häggqvist, Thom Johansen, Rinat Zakirov, Manuel Dejonghe, Marcoen Hirschberg, Michiel van der Kolk, Tony Motakis, Andy Young, Alexandre Bourget, Richard S. La Charité III, Christian Gmeiner, Tomas Salfischberger, Miika Pekkarinen, Tapio Karppinen, Richard Ottó O'Brien, Luca Burelli, Alessio Lenzi, David Bryant, Martin Arver, Alexander Spyridakis, Pedro Baltazar Vasconcelos, Ray Lambert, Dave Wiard, Pieter Bos, Konstantin Isakov, Bryan Vandyke, Hristo Kovachev, Sander Sweers, Antonius Hellman, Ryan Jackson, Per Holmäng, Frederic Devernay, José M. Fandiño, Gadi Cohen, Naftali Goldstein, David Dent, Frank Dischner, Liberman Shachar, Stephan Wezel.
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