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Release Notes for Rockbox 3.0.1

ALERT! Rockbox 3.0.1 was released on October 21, 2008


The Rockbox project is pleased to announce the immediate availability of Rockbox 3.0.1. This is a maintenance release to Rockbox 3.0, only targeting the Archos devices. For all other targets, Rockbox 3.0 is still the current release.

If you can't wait, hurry up to and get the release now! If you're curious about what's changed, read on for a quick summary.

About Rockbox

Rockbox is a complete replacement for the software that drives your digital audio players. It was written from the ground up to provide a better experience than the existing software, giving you more options and putting you in charge of the player. In most areas, Rockbox far surpasses the manufacturers firmware, truly unleashing the full potential of your hardware.

See WhyRockbox for more details.

What's new?

Rockbox 3.0.1 contains several fixes related to running Rockbox from flash ROM on the Archos targets. Rockbox 3.0.1 can be flashed on Archos FM Recorder and Recorder V2. This was broken in Rockbox 3.0. The code necessary for booting from flash ROM was fixed and reduced in size, and new firmware flash files were cast from it, accompanying this release. The documentation for putting Rockbox into flash ROM was also updated and re-added to the manual.

Supported players

  • Archos: Jukebox 5000, 6000, Studio, Recorder, FM Recorder, Recorder V2 and Ondio

For all other targets, Rockbox 3.0 is still the current release.

How to upgrade

See Rockbox 3.0 release notes


See Rockbox 3.0 release notes

Known bugs

See Rockbox 3.0 release notes


See Rockbox 3.0 release notes

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