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Release Notes for Rockbox 4.0

            __________               __   ___.
  Open      \______   \ ____   ____ |  | _\_ |__   _______  ___
  Source     |       _//  _ \_/ ___\|  |/ /| __ \ /  _ \  \/  /
  Jukebox    |    |   (  <_> )  \___|    < | \_\ (  <_> > <  <
  Firmware   |____|_  /\____/ \___  >__|_ \|___  /\____/__/\_ \
                    \/            \/     \/    \/            \/

Rockbox 4.0 was released on [FIXME]


The Rockbox project is pleased to announce the immediate availability of Rockbox 4.0. This marks our first release since November 2019. Five years have passed since the last release, and in that time we've been busy adding features and fixing bugs to give you the best Rockbox experience yet. If you can't wait, hurry up to and get the release now! If you're still curious about what has changed, read on for a slightly more detailed summary and list of changes.

Enjoy Rockbox - we enjoy making it.

About Rockbox

Rockbox is a complete replacement for the software that drives your digital audio players. It was written from the ground up to provide a better experience than the existing software, giving you more options and putting you in charge of the player. In most areas, Rockbox far surpasses the manufacturers firmware, truly unleashing the full potential of your hardware. It's written by users, for users.

See WhyRockbox for more details.

What's new?

It's been over 5 years since our last release. During this time, extensive improvements were made to every portion of Rockbox's codebase, with nearly three millions lines of code changed by [FIXME] authors. Some of the more notable changes since version 3.15:

Removed devices

  • Archos Player/Studio
  • Archos Recorder / v2
  • Archos FM Recorder
  • Archos Ondio FM / SP

As Rockbox was originally written for the Archos Player, this represents an end of an era. Removing support for these ancient devices greatly reduced the internal complexities of Rockbox core, and spurred a development renaissance. Prior releases will remain available, and the theme site will continue to host themes as long as there remains user interest.

  • Removed never-finished ports for the iAudio 7, Sansa C100, M200(v1-3), Logik DAX, ifp-7xx, Samsung YP-Z5, and Tatung TPJ-1102 devices.

Supported devices

Support for the following devices was added in this release:

  • AGPTek H3
  • FiiO M3K
  • Hifi Walker H2
  • Shanling Q1
  • Surfans F20
  • xDuoo X3ii and X20

Additionally, these devices are now considered stable:

  • xDuoo X3



  • Support for HWCODEC devices has been completely removed
  • Support for charcell displays has been completely removed
  • Support for the SH cpu architecture has been completely removed
  • High bitrate (up to 192KHz) support on hardware that supports it. Note: Rockbox is still limited to 16-bit audio playback!
  • Support for ATA SSDs (including the popular iFlash SD adapters) has been greatly improved
  • Support GPT partitioning. Note: Rockbox is still limited to a 2TB total drive size!
  • Multiboot-capable firmware on most devices
  • Generally improved UI performance and runtime efficiency
  • Many improvements and fixes to the skin/theme engine
  • Many improvements to the database and metadata display
  • Extensive improvements to bookmarking and playlists
  • Perceptual volume adjustment on most targets
  • Many internal APIs have been cleaned up or otherwise refactored


  • Greatly improved SID playback fidelity
  • libayumi-based video game format playback (hosted targets only)
  • VTX ZX Spectrum format playavk (hosted targets only)
  • Speex updated
  • WMA Pro updated
  • Many metadata parser improvements
  • Many mp4/aac codec improvements
  • Fixes for seeking/resuming in very long files (especially relevant for audiobook users)
  • Re-enabled Opus performance optimizations that were accidently removed in 3.15


  • Added 'picross' game
  • Added 'amaze' game
  • Added 'xrick' game
  • Added 'keyremap' plugin for customized keymaps
  • Added Last.FM scrobbler viewer plugin
  • Added dart scoring plugin
  • Sgt-puzzles updated
  • Pitchscreen converted to plugin
  • Playing time converted to plugin
  • Added lua 'stars' demo
  • Significant improvements to mikmod, lua, imageviewer, textviewer, pictureflow, and many more

Internationalization and Voice prompts

  • 16px GNU Unifont updated to cover Unicode 15
  • Added support for the mimic, (online) Google translate, and piper TTS engines
  • Voicefile generation for non-English users has been vastly improved
  • Talk clip generation on the command line is much simpler
  • Localization improvements, especially around date/time and numeric values
  • No longer potentially show/voice the wrong text for partial or outdated translations
  • Fallback "Invalid voice file" talk clip that is spoken when the voicefile is out of date with respect to the translation file
  • Automatic sanity checks on translations and voice strings has been improved considerably

  • [ Include translation coverage ]


Other notable changes

  • Toolchain for all supported devices is now GCC 4.9.4 and can be built using contemporary systems
  • Rockbox Uitlity ported to QT6, with many improvements
  • Checkwps can now sanity-check themes' use of translated strings
  • Database tool qualtiy-of-life improvements
  • Most hosted targets can now use externally-attached USB storage
  • Major UI performance and overall reliability improvements for all hosted targets

Project infrastructure

  • Project hosting and services have been consolidated to a dedicated hosted server, with all services actively maintained.
  • IRC operations relocated to after Freenode's self-immolation.
  • Many improvements to the website. More potential errors are flagged, along with suggestions on how to correct them.
  • Many improvements to the autobuilder infrastructure and reporting
  • Nightly builds now include generated voice files covering fourteen languages

A more complete list is available in the official changelog.

Stable ports

For these players, Rockbox runs well, has a complete manual and is supported by RockboxUtility:

  • Apple: iPod 1g through 6g (Classic), iPod Mini 1g and 2g, iPod Nano 1g and 2g
  • Archos: Jukebox 5000, 6000, Studio, Recorder, FM Recorder, Recorder V2 and Ondio
  • Cowon: iAudio M3 series, iAudio M5 series, iAudio X5 series
  • Creative: Zen Mozaic, Zen X-Fi, Zen X-Fi Style, Zen X-Fi3
  • iriver:x H10 series, H100 series, H300 series
  • MPIO: HD300
  • Olympus: M-Robe 100
  • Packard Bell: Vibe 500
  • Philips: GoGear HDD1630, GoGear HDD6330, GoGear SA9200
  • Samsung: YH-820, YH-920, YH-925
  • Sandisk: Sansa c200, e200, Clip, Clip Zip, Clip+, Fuze, Fuze+
  • Sony: NWZ-E360 series, NWZ-E370 series, NWZ-E380 series
  • Toshiba: Gigabeat F/X series
  • xDuoo X3 series


Rockbox runs on many other players, but is not yet stable enough for a formal release. For a complete list see TargetStatus.

How to upgrade

Using the RockboxUtility is the easiest way to install Rockbox 4.0. Simply run the installer and follow the on-screen instructions. Make sure you stop/eject/unmount the USB disk before you unplug it. You can also download Rockbox 4.0 from

Users should make sure they have the latest version of RockboxUtility (currently v1.5.1)

If you need more help, see the Documentation section of this document for information on where to find help for doing this.


Rockbox comes with an extensive manual, daily builds of which can be found here or downloaded as an extra via Rockbox Utility. Please read it before asking questions in the support channels. The PDF versions can be searched for keywords making it very easy to find the answer to your query or solution to your problem. As well, the FAQs linked on the left side bar can be very helpful and may explain some behavior you are noticing but not expecting. If you notice any errors in the manual, please report them to the tracker after reading the how-to at FlySprayHowto. If you would like to contribute to the manual, please see the RockboxManual wiki page.

Known bugs

As much as we try to avoid it, some bugs have simply not been worked out yet, and are still present in Rockbox 4.0

Please have a look at the individual bug reports if you think that some may apply to you, as often a bug can depend on very specific circumstances and many only exist on certain players. You can find the complete list of filed bug reports on FlySpray.


Rockbox is a collaborative project with many contributors. Thanks to everybody who has helped to make Rockbox what it is:

Björn Stenberg, Linus Nielsen Feltzing, Andy Choi, Andrew Jamieson, Paul Suade, Joachim Schiffer, Daniel Stenberg, Alan Korr, Gary Czvitkovicz, Stuart Martin, Felix Arends, Ulf Ralberg, David Härdeman, Thomas Saeys, Grant Wier, Julien Labruyére, Nicolas Sauzede, Robert Hak, Dave Chapman, Stefan Meyer, Eric Linenberg, Tom Cvitan, Magnus Öman, Jerome Kuptz, Julien Boissinot, Nuutti Kotivuori, Heikki Hannikainen, Hardeep Sidhu, Markus Braun, Justin Heiner, Magnus Holmgren, Bill Napier, George Styles, Mats Lidell, Lee Marlow, Nate Nystrom, Nick Robinson, Chad Lockwood, John Pybus, Uwe Freese, Randy Wood, Gregory Haerr, Philipp Pertermann, Gilles Roux, Mark Hillebrand, Damien Teney, Andreas Zwirtes, Kjell Ericson, Jim Hagani, Ludovic Lange, Mike Holden, Simon Elén, Matthew P. OReilly, Christian Schönberger, Henrik Backe, Craig Sather, José Maria Garcia-Valdecasas Bernal, Stevie Oh, Jörg Hohensohn, Dave Jones, Thomas Paul Diffenbach, Roland Kletzing, Itai Shaked, Keith Hubbard, Benjamin Metzler, Frederic Dang Ngoc, Pierre Delore, Huw Smith, Garrett Derner, Barry McIntosh, Leslie Donaldson, Lee Pilgrim, Zakk Roberts, Francois Boucher, Matthias Wientapper, Brent Coutts, Jens Arnold, Gerald Vanbaren, Christi Scarborough, Steve Cundari, Mat Holton, Jan Gajdos, Antoine Cellerier, Brian King, Jiri Jurecek, Jacob Erlbeck, Jean-Philippe Bernardy, Dave Hooper, Jonas Häggqvist, Thom Johansen, Rinat Zakirov, Manuel Dejonghe, Marcoen Hirschberg, Michiel van der Kolk, Tony Motakis, Andy Young, Alexandre Bourget, Richard S. La Charité III, Christian Gmeiner, Tomas Salfischberger, Miika Pekkarinen, Tapio Karppinen, Richard Ottó O'Brien, Luca Burelli, Alessio Lenzi, David Bryant, Martin Arver, Alexander Spyridakis, Pedro Baltazar Vasconcelos, Ray Lambert, Dave Wiard, Pieter Bos, Konstantin Isakov, Bryan Vandyke, Hristo Kovachev, Sander Sweers, Antonius Hellman, Ryan Jackson, Per Holmäng, Frederic Devernay, José M. Fandiño, Gadi Cohen, Naftali Goldstein, David Dent, Frank Dischner, Liberman Shachar, Stephan Wezel, Alyssa Milburn, Kevin Ferrare, Anton Oleynikov, Mark Arigo, Magnus Westerlund, Jake Owen, Mustapha Senhaji, Adam Boot, Jonathan Gordon, Tat Tang, Toshihiko Itoh, David J. Song, Jeong Taek In, Anders Kagerin, Peter D'Hoye, Ben Basha, Brandon Low, Nathan Hand, Nick Lanham, Sebastian Henriksen, Martin Scarratt, Karl Kurbjun, Tomasz Malesinski, Andrew Pilley, Matt v.d. Westhuizen, Tim Crist, Jvo Studer, Dan Everton, Imre Herceg, Seven Le Mesle, Craig Bachelor, Nikolaj Christensen, Mikael Magnusson, Dominik Wenger, Henrico Witvliet, Andrew Scott, Miguel A. Arévalo, Aaron F. Gonzalez, Aleksey Kozyulin, Jani Kinnunen, Rui Marinho, Alun Thomas, Nils Wallménius, Naoaki Okazaki, Will Dyson, Matthias Mohr, Christian Marg, Eli Sherer, Fredrik Öhrn, Nicolas Pennequin, Ralf Herz, Michael DiFebbo, David Rothenberger, Robert Keevil, Mark Bright, Dominik Riebeling, Alexander Bondar, Peter Cawley, Rani Hod, Tom Ross, Anton Romanov, Jean-Luc Ohl, Steve Bavin, Marianne Arnold, Gaetano Vocca, Frederik Vestre, Wenbin Leo, Tom Evans, Ewan Davies, Frédéric François, Marc-André Moreau, Ioannis Koutoulakis, Alistair Marshall, Karl Ove Hufthammer, Víctor Zabalza, Ulrich Pegelow, Andreas Mattsson, Daniel Ankers, Paul Louden, Rainer Sinsch, Plácido Revilla, Michael Sevakis, Lukas Sabota, Emanuel Zephir, Alexander Levin, Barry Wardell, Lars van de Klomp, Philippe Miossec, Jochen Kemnade, Corry Lazarowitz, Tom Meyer, Laurent Baum, James Teh, Liam Nattrass, Christian Hack, Wade Brown, Vadim Chekan, Christopher Borcsok, Victor Cardenas, Andrew Melville, Pengxuan Liu, Andrew Cupper, Thilo-Alexander Ginkel, Adam Gashlin, Robert Kukla, David Quesada, Jared Stafford, Martin Hensel, Stéphane Doyon, Austin Appel, Andre Smith, Travis Hyyppa, Ian Webber, Pavel Gnelitsa, Lutz Böhne, Will Robertson, Robert Carboneau, Ye Wei, Bryan Childs, Mike Schmitt, Chris Taylor, Tobias Langhoff, Steve Gotthardt, Greg White, Mattieu Favréaux, Malcolm Tyrrell, Piotr Jafiszow, Gary Allen, John BouAntoun, Tomasz Mon, Jakub Matoušek, Albert Veli, Chris Dohan, Takashi Obara, Rene Peinthor, Roan Horning, Ben Keroack, Sean Morrisey, Shay Green, Nick Vanderweit, Simon Menzel, Timo Horstschäfer, Jacco Koning, Chris Ham, Jose Ramon Garcia, Simon Descarpentries, Douglas Valentine, Jacob Gardner, Pascal Briehl, Denis Stanishevskiy, Eddy Coman, Luke Blaney, Mark Reiche, Michal Jevjak, Philippe Latulippe, Mauricio Peccorini, Nathan Hepting, Akio Idehara, Dagni McPhee, Alex Gerchanovsky, Gerhard Dirschl, Ivan Zupan, Alexander Papst, Christoph Reiter, Rhino Banga, Paul Jones, Michael Giacomelli, Alex Wenger, Andree Buschmann, Johnathon Mihalop, Rene Allkivi, Tobias Schladt, John Zhou, Charles Voelger, Gerritt Gonzales, Dieter Pellkofer, Evgeniy Kachalin, Lenny Koepsell, Harry Tu, Pawel Wysocki, Xinlu Huang, Daniel Dalton, Boris Gjenero, Sylvain Fourmanoit, Alex Parker, Mario Lang, Justin Foell, Igor Kuzmin, Adilson Vicente Xavier, Jesse Lockwood, Jonathan Backer, Sofian Babai, Costas Calamvokis, Catalin Patulea, Peter Harley, Max Kelley, Alexander Eickhoff, Ken Fazzone, David Bishop, Hein-Pieter van Braam, Przemysław Hołubowski, Stepan Moskovchenko, John S. Gwynne, Brian J. Morey, Stijn Hisken, Bertrik Sikken, Karim Boucher, James Espinoza, Franz Rühmland, Jordan Anderson, Maurus Cuelenaere, Chris Allegretta, Alastair S, Martin Crkovský, Ariya Hidayat, Jonas Hurrelmann, Lee Kang Hyuk, Clemens Werther, Robert Menes, Henri Valta, Melba Sitjar, Mehmet Ş. Çatalbaş, Scott Tinman, Alexander Kuzmenkov, Thomas Martitz, Prakarn Sahasoontornvute, George Tamplaru, Apoorva Mahajan, Vuong Minh Hiep, Mateusz Kubica, Frank Gevaerts, Chelo Sacristán, Sascha Wolf, Nickolay Jordanov, Johannes Voggenthaler, Marc Guay, Alex Vanderpol, Jerry Lange, Yohann Misquitta, Keith Perri, Mark Fawcus, Ivan Pesic, Marcel Barbulescu, Phil Light, Rob Purchase, Andreas Müller, Christopher Williams, Martin Ritter, Justin Hannigan, Tomasz Wasilczyk, Kenjiro Arai, John Kaminar, Joris Goosen, Mark Ganson, Davide Gentile, James Vasile, Mohamed Tarek, Mike Burke, Michael Chicoine, Maciej Adamczak, Tomer Shalev, Thibaut Girka, Rasmus Ry, William Poetra Yoga Hadisoeseno, Adrian Osoianu, Martin Pahl, Ori Avtalion, Thomas Schott, Dennis Ivanov, Takumi Suzuki, Shunsuke Shimizu, Tadayuki Nishizono, Jun Gu, Daniel Weck, Clément Pit-Claudel, Jelle Geerts, Tadeusz Pyś, Rostislav Chekan, Florin Popescu, Volker Mische, Vitja Makarov, Francisco Vila, Christian Lees, Rafaël Carré, Denes Balatoni, Roy Wallace, Eric Lassauge, François Dinel, Francesco Rigoni, Joël Puik, Klaas Bosteels, Teruaki Kawashima, Marcin Łukasik, Le Jin, Alex Bennee, Stéphane Quertinmont, Bartosz Fabianowski, Adam Hogan, Andrew Mahone, Anton Veretenenko, Vicente Ibarra, Rui Araújo, Brian Cloutier, Olivier Barbut, Yoshihisa Uchida, Sanggon Lee, Kaspar Rothenfußer, Ryan Press, Craig Elliott, Kenderes Tamas, Eric Shattow, Joshua Simmons, Sei Aoyumi, Martin Pool, Gareth Schakel, Brian Sutherland, Sam Bouwer, Johannes Linke, Michaël Burtin, Sasha Khamkov, Kai Posadowsky, Jack Halpin, Johannes Schwarz, Dustin Skoracki, Torne Wuff, Wookey, Nick Sant, Michael Carr, Eric Clayton, Marko Pahlke, Vytenis Sabelka, Nicolas Pitre, Benedikt Goos, Frederick Full, Jeffrey Goode, Raafat Akkad, Davide Quarta, Andre Lupa, Hilton Shumway, Matthew Bonnett, Nick Tryon, David Johnston, Ralph Soto, Mykhailo Radzievskyi, Christophe Gouiran, Asael Reiter, Jens Erdmann, Rosso Maltese, Amaury Pouly, Laurent Papier, Johannes Boy, Jason Yu, Aaron DeMille, Tomasz Kowalczyk, Michael Lechner, Peter Schlenker, Dan Davison, David Kauffmann, Carsten Schreiter, Michael Sparmann, Seth Opgenorth, Jonas Aaberg, Junio C Hamano, Bob Cousins, Christophe Nicolas, Yann Muller, Sascha Wilde, Fred Bauer, Simon Rothen, Pavel Rzehák, Diego Herranz, Viktor Varga, Juliusz Chroboczek, Christian Beier, Giovanni Zilli, Shiloh Hawley, Peter Lecký, Wilfred Hughes, Laurent Gautier, Simon Zhukovsky, Daniel Kluz, Phinitnun Chanasabaeng, Tse-Hsien Chiang, Szymon Dziok, Domenico Di Misa, Delyan Kratunov, Purling Nayuki, Marek Salaba, Altay Oz, Mark Borgerding, Tobias Diedrich, Andrew Engelbrecht, Kevin Schoedel, Jens Theeß , Alexey Nemtsev, Pascal Below, Danny Attar, Philipp Stephani, Tore Johnny BrÃ¥tveit, Marcin Bukat, Andrew Rodland, Luca Leonardo Scorcia, Gerhard Zintel, Adrián Cereto Massagué, Chris Savery, Raphaël Jakse, Wincent Balin, Aaron Rothbaum, Nejc Lotric, Hinrik Örn Sigurðsson, Stephen Carroll, Joe Balough, Jérôme Heil, Tim Graf, Martin Sägmüller, Joshua Hulst, Pierre-Yves Roosens, Hayden Pearce, Rodrigo Barretto, Daniel Rigby, Alexey Polkhirev, István Nagy, Wojciech Leśniak, Tuomas Airaksinen, Calvin Walden, Michael Gentry, David Fowle, Fabian Vogel, Michael Stummvoll, Franz-Josef Haider, Michael Hohmuth, Sergio Vera, Michael Leslie, Craig Mann, William Peters, Li Jie, Cristina Talpiga, Ştefan Moisei, Alexander Meshcheryakov, Ryan Sawhill, Thomas Jarosch, Will Sowerbutts, Łukasz Stelmach, Gabriel Maia, Robert Horn, Ante Maretic, Benjamin Brown, Uwe Wiebach, Mikhail Titov, Dave Slusher, Jean-Marie Moraux, Ismael Castiñeira Álvarez, Mārtiņš Šimis, Huan Zhang, Leif Andersen, Sergiu Rotaru, Noé Lojkine, Ophir Lojkine, Stephan Grossklass, John Morris, Sean Bartell, Seheon Ryu, Asier Arsuaga, Vencislav Atanasov, Mauricio Garrido, Nick Peskett, Michael Goerner, Richard Brittain, Andrew Ryabinin, Maksim Postolati, Stanislav Chizhik, Desu Rozen, Olivier Kaloudoff, Kessia Pinheiro, Jean-Louis Biasini, Lorenzo Miori, James Hunt, Artur Juraszek, Wieland Hoffmann, Nathan Korth, Igor Petelin, Cástor Muñoz, Albert Barca, Fukuda Takafumi, Dimitar Dimitrov, Osborne Jacobs, Marty Miller, Eduardo Gonzalez, Enric Morales, Mateusz Renkiewicz, Dario Castellarin, Thiago Kenji Okada, Manuel Flury, Vanja Cvelbar, Richard Quirk, Kirill Stryaponoff, Roman Poltoradnev, Ryan Billing, Dmitry Gamza, Sebastian Leonhardt, Avi Eisenberg, Richard Burke, Franklin Wei, Serhij Kyryljan, Yifu Huang, Jonathan Bettencourt, Ilia Sergachev, Nial Shui, Mihail Zenkov, Thomas Orgis, Семён Жуковский, Kostadin Kolev, Jordi Prenafeta, Tiago Medeiros, Udo Schläpfer, Åka Sikrom, Thomas White, Karl Huber, Adam Sampson, William Wilgus, Igor Skochinsky, Sebastiano Pistore, Stefan Schneider-Kennedy, Johannes Rauh, Constantine Mountantonakis, Ivan Pesic, Jonatan Nyberg, Alessandro Stoppani, Alexander Yurenin, Roman Stolyarov, Solomon Peachy, Igor Poretsky, Adam Rak, Rémi Oudin, Malik Enes Şafak, Roman Levkin-Taymenev, Nathan Follens, Gergely Békési, Stephane Doyon, Alex Wallis, Christian Soffke, Juan Gonzalez, Yangyong Wu, Andy Potter, Stefan Waigand, Guo Zhong Kai, Martin Buck, Stefan Ott, David Chionne, Wilfried Winkler, Johannes König, Alexander Drammen, Kei Miyamoto, James D. Smith, Howard Richardson, Sylvain Saubier, Adrián Tinoco, Boris Kovačević, Stéphane Moutard-Martin, Rune Pade, Michael Rey, Yuxuan Shui, James Buren, Issa Beganović, Georg Gadinger, Wolfram Sang, Aidan MacDonald, Caleb Connolly, Spencer Brennessel, Dana Conrad, Albert Song, Marc Aarts, Fabrice Bellard, Selami Dinçer, Matej Golian, James Le Cuirot, Michael Landherr, Roman Artiukhin, Richard Goedeken, Mihaly 'Hermit' Horvath, Uwe Kleine-König, JJ Style, Jerry Chapman, Leander Lismond, Eren Akpolat, Pierluigi Vicinanza, Matteo Italia,

[FIXME accurate as ot 2024-07-12]

New Developers

We would especially like to recognize our two newest developers who have gained commit access since our last release:

  • Aiden MacDonald
  • Christian Soffke
  • ??? [FIXME]

Aiden has been a prolific contributor all over the codebase. He is responsible for two new ports (Shanling Q1 and FiiO M3K native) but has touched nearly every major subsystem at one point or another. Christian's contributions have been focused on UI-related improvements, notably playlists, database, and the pictureflow plugin.


In additional to these direct contributors, Rockbox uses code from several other projects. Without these, we couldn't have done it, so we would like to thank the following teams:

The libmad team, The wavpack team, The FFmpeg team, The Ogg Vorbis team, The liba52 team, The Speex team, The libfaad team, The Doom team, The gnuchess team, The gnuboy team, The Pacman Instructional Emulator team, The Spectemu team, The libmpeg2 team, The Game_Music_Emu team, The OpenSPC DSP emulator team, The ALAC decoder team, The UCL team, The iPod Linux team, The Vision-8 Emulator team, The robotfindskitten team, The libmtp team, The asap team, The libpng team, The Pure Data team (Miller Puckette and others), The MikMod team, Michael McTernan (The ARM unwinder author), Albert Song, The New RAW team (Piotr Padkowski and others), The Fabother World team (Fabien Sanglard and others), The sgt-puzzles team (Simon Tatham and others), The Chocolate Duke Nukem 3D team, The Wolfenstein 3D team, The MAME team, The Quake team, The Pocket Quake team (Dan East and others), The bzip2 team, The bsdiff team, The libtomcrypt teamn, The microtar team (rxi and others), The UnifontEX and GNU Unifont teams, The xrick team

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