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Things to do

Rockbox 3.0

Supported Platforms

The goal is to release on all currently supported platforms. Some may be designated as merely "beta" releases if key functionality is missing (such as charging within Rockbox) or significant hangups exist that do not consistently interfere with use, but are significant enough to be considered a major problem (for example scroll wheel issues after using the hold switch on some iPods may fall in this category).

Release critical issues

All release-critical bugs are currently resolved, as of July 01, 2008.

Other goals for release

  • All entries in the tracker marked with "Due in 3.0" (Link)
  • An updated manual.
  • A "release" version of RBUtil for installation use.
  • Updated translations.

Remaining issues

Add links to specific "Due in 3.0" tracker entries as we determine ones that deserve significant focus.

Specific things that would be nice to get done before release, not necessarily suited for the tracker.

What Status
Make the manual mention the release in the installation chapter. todo.gif
Remove the "DRAFT VERSION" watermark from the manual done.gif
Clean out deprecated strings from *.lang and possibly sort. todo.gif
Build new bootloaders for the release (fixes FS#8901) in progress, see FS#9369

Rockbox 3.1

No plans are to be made at this time. 3.1 should be released 3 months after 3.0, and the current situation will be assessed closer to the release date. Releases will be made approximately every three months, with minor point releases being made for key bug fixes.

Supported Platforms

No less than 3.0

Proposed new features

  • To be determined.

Rockbox 3.2

Supported Platforms

Those supported in 3.1, plus the Toshiba Gigabeat S Series.

Proposed new features

  • PortalPlayer USB. In the case of some players this will mandate new bootloaders that don't reboot into the OF on USB detection.
  • New default sort method for the file browser (if the patch is cleaned up in time) (FS#8314).
  • Playback speed control with fixed pitch, aka Master Tempo (FS#8894)

  1. Everything that worked in 2.5. Please report bugs and/or missing functionality for supported platforms in the bug tracker.
  2. More warm bodies desperately needed!

r52 - 27 Feb 2009 - 20:33:22 - NicolasPennequin

Copyright by the contributing authors.