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How to report bugs


All bug reports, feature requests and patches are handled by our tracker FlySpray. Support requests are not to be put into the tracker, use the forums (, the mailing lists ( or IRC ( instead! Please be aware that by ignoring this you'll have the developers wasting time sorting the real bugs from the support questions better spent coding. Also, your problem may have already arisen for some other users who can help you. You'll find a lot of helpful users and developers in the forums and on IRC.


The tracker is not intended for support requests of any type! Tracker entries that are actually support requests are really boring and just keep the developers busy with sorting them out. If you're not sure if your question is actually a support request ask in the support channels (mailing lists, forums, IRC) first.

Known Issues

There are some issues in Rockbox that we know can't be fixed anytime soon. These have already been reported and have been closed to avoid cluttering the tracker.

Filing a report

To file a report please read the FlySprayHowto first. While it is important to report bugs it is at least as important to file them in a useful way. By following our nice FlySprayHowto this shouldn't be complicated at all. In every case, if you're in doubt please ask in the support channels first.

More Info

Please read also before reporting.

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