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RockBox 2.5.1


This is an unofficial private release of Rockbox for the Archos Recorders and Player.

This is not an official release of Rockbox by the developers, and will not be supported by them. It is being made available for download here as some people have expressed interest in using it.

This release is based on the 2.5 general release of Rockbox.

I and many others have been using this version of Rockbox for several months without problems. If you encounter any problems, post a message to the relevant forum, or the mailing list. In the unlikely event of a serious problem, you can always revert to the official version 2.5 or earlier.


This release has the following major enhancements:-

  • The improved charging algorithm patch has been retro-fitted. This only affects the Recorder V1.

  • Enhancements have been made to the Bookmarking feature, including voicing the directory and file name when appropriate.

  • The quick menus have been reorganised for better readability, and are now voiced when appropriate.

  • Button de-bouncing has been improved to reduce the possibility of false button reads being detected.

For a complete list of changes, see the v2.5.1_ReadMe.txt file, below.

Where is the source code for these changes? -- LinusNielsenFeltzing - 15 Nov 2006

I will post the source code soon, after I have completed some new changes. -- TomCole - 31 Dec 2006


  1. Download "v2.5.1_ReadMe.txt" and the appropriate "" file for your Archos, below.
  2. Read the contents of the "v2.5.1_ReadMe.txt" file.
  3. The "" file is now a complete installation of Rockbox, so you should save your configuration settings in a .cfg file.
  4. Unzip all the files to the root or top level directory of your Archos, preserving the directory structure in the zip file.
  5. Follow the normal procedure for flashing, if required.
  6. Restore your configuration settings from the .cfg file you created, above.
  7. People using VoiceBox .talk files can download and use the contents of "" to create your .talk files. This has coded in, the modified Lame parameters mentioned in the "V2.5.1_ReadMe.txt" file. You should regenerate your .talk files with this version to allow smooth voicing from the Bookmark screen. See the file "V2.5.1_ReadMe.txt", and the "Read_Me_Please.txt" file within "" for more details.
  8. For completeness I have included for people who wish to generate their own voice files for speaking the menus. These files will also be compatible with version 2.5 of RockBox. Replace the included "english.lang" file with your own amended file if necessary.


I Attachment Action Size Date Who Comment
MakeVoices2.5.1.zipzip manage 266.8 K 12 Sep 2006 - 21:05 TomCole MakeVoices for 2.5.1
Rockbox-2.5.1-Player.zipzip manage 448.2 K 11 Jul 2006 - 21:06 TomCole Player
Rockbox-2.5.1-RecorderV1.zipzip manage 733.8 K 11 Jul 2006 - 21:06 TomCole Recorder V1
Rockbox-2.5.1-RecorderV2.zipzip manage 742.5 K 11 Jul 2006 - 21:06 TomCole Recorder V2
Rockbox-2.5.1-RecorderV2FM.zipzip manage 742.5 K 11 Jul 2006 - 21:06 TomCole Recorder V2 FM
VoiceBox2.5.1.zipzip manage 205.2 K 11 Jul 2006 - 21:06 TomCole voicebox.wsf has new Lame parameters
v2.5.1_ReadMe.txttxt v2.5.1_ReadMe.txt manage 4.4 K 13 Nov 2006 - 20:57 TomCole Read Me file
r21 - 30 Dec 2006 - 20:59:36 - TomCole

Copyright by the contributing authors.