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RockChip Nano-B (RkNano?-B)


This is the page for the RockChip Nano-B system-on-chip. Little is known currently about this chip for which we do not have any kind of documentation. This page tries to summarise what is known. It is believed that the RKNanoB? is somehow inbetween the RK27xx and the RK28xx. Evidence show however that it is probably using a ARM Cortex core (or least complies with ARMv7 architecture).

System Model


  • Processor: ARM Cortex-M3 ?

System Memory Map

The system memory map is consistent with the ARMv7 Architecture, we refer to this document for more information.

Start End Name Description
0x00000000 0x1FFFFFFF Code ROM or Flash memory
0x20000000 0x3FFFFFFF SRAM on-chip RAM
0x40000000 0x5FFFFFFF Peripherals on-chip peripherals
0x60000000 0x7FFFFFFF RAM RAM (cached)
0x80000000 0x9FFFFFFF RAM RAM (write-through)
0xA0000000 0xBFFFFFFF Device Shared device space
0xC0000000 0xDFFFFFFF Device Non-shared device space
0xE0000000 0xFFFFFFFF System System region

The system region contains all the standard ARMv7 devices:
Start End Name Description
0xE000E000 0xE000E00F ICTAC Interrupt Controller Type and Auxillary Control
0xE000E010 0xE000E0FF SysTick System timer
0xE000E100 0xE000ECFF NVIC External Interrupt Controller
0xE000ED00 0xE000ED8F SCB System Control Block

The peripherals region contains the following known blocks:
Start End Name Description
0x40010000 ? Unknown Unknown

Assuming the core is ARM Cortex, it has two bit-band regions:
Start End Name Description
0x20000000 0x20100000 SRAM 1MB on-chip RAM region
0x22000000 0x24000000 SRAM bit-band SRAM alias
0x40000000 0x40100000 Peripheral 1MB peripheral region
0x42000000 0x44000000 Peripheral bit-band peripheral alias

-- AmauryPouly - 16 Mar 2013
r1 - 16 Mar 2013 - 11:46:10 - AmauryPouly

Copyright by the contributing authors.