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RockIR (Infrared/DAP module)


  • Universal host DAP compatibility
  • Setting standards for interoperability between players
  • Enhancing the market playing field for digital audio
  • Promoting the community driven design of F/OSS to make a tangible product for the masses
  • Fun!!

Ok, what is it??

RockIR will be a seamless way to connect older and present digital audio devices to a gateway of freedom; transmitting data wirelessly through short range communication as to not be interfering in a world of many devices, flipping through channels on your television via a handy all-around infrared remote, and after charging, ready to become an independent player altogether.

Who to contact

JoelSnyder is the one guilty for all of this wink You can contact me at joelioDOTsnyderATgmailDOTcom

Software Design

It's going to take some code to run this beast, ya know!

Patches to Rockbox (Plugins)

  • UniversalRemoteControl plugin
  • IrDA plugin
  • No drivers required. Touching the core code is not needed!

Software Side on RockIR

  • Porting Rockbox to the chosen architecture of the FieldProgrammableGateArray
  • Rockbox drivers (only pertinent to the FieldProgrammableGateArray target) for IrDA modulator, demodulator, microSD controller, and DAC, which all are completely documented through open source code
  • IrDA stack

Hardware Design

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