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RAMU - Rockbox Auto Management Utility


This application will automate some basic building tasks, like update, building, ZIPing, patching/reverting. It's purpose is to manage those tasks with more ease perhaps and to be a sort of time saver for people who building rockbox from source very often.
  • This application is written in Auto Hot Key
  • Operation systems supported: Windows 98/2000/XP/Vista

%W% You need working Cygwin and downloaded SVN of rockbox to use this script. - see SimpleGuideToCompiling if you not yet have working building environment.


done.png - Settings saved in .ini file and handled from the GUI.
done.png - Updating from SVN
done.png - Building the target and ZIPing it to "_rockbox.zip_"
done.png - Add more building flags (currently only builds the "N" flag - "normal build")
done.png - Add more SVN tweaking configurations e.g. svn cleanup ...
done.png - Patching abilities.
done.png - Documentation.


2008-02-21_120237.png   2008-02-21_120247.png


Just run the .exe or .ahk (You'll need Auto Hot Key installed to run .ahk files), set the paths and that's it.


download DOWNLOAD version 1.3

Inside the .zip you'll find:

  • else .ahk script file
  • exe .exe of compiled script
  • ico .ico file
  • hlp RAMU.chm - manual/help file


  • v1.3
ADDED: Documentation in .chm format.
ADDED: Access to .chm file via GUI (from 'About' tab) and from Hot-key F1.
  • v1.2
FIXED: Syntax errors causing errors on build process.
CHANGED: .ini file will not be included - it will be automatically created if needed.

Notes & F.A.Q.

You may modify the script however you like.
Any feedback, questions and suggestions may be addressed to:

Development files

Those are source files of RAMU with futures that currently under development (and might not implemented yet). Download this ONLY if you plan to customize the script or want to help adding new futures.

You can test it, but some futures might be not implemented or tweaked to be usable.

No development files currently available

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