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Rockbox Extras


Check out our theme site for themes to modify the look of your player. Explanation on what a theme consists of is here


We have a font-pack with a bunch of extra fonts. The font-pack is built with each release. A link to the latest font-pack can be found here.

An unofficial anti-aliased font pack provided by Hayden Pearce based on the GNU Unifont Font Family can be found here. An unofficial anti-aliased font pack based on the Roboto Font Family and provided by the same author can be found here. An unofficial anti-aliased font pack consisting of DejaVuSans, Dosis, DroidSans, NotoSans and others can be found here.

The GNU Unifont font pack and its source are extremely large (~400MiB), source is available open request to the author.

The Roboto font pack source was in the now empty git repo of the author's GitHub.

To convert your own TTF fonts to Rockbox's font format, you can use the convttf command line utility found in the Git source tree. Windows binaries can be downloaded from here (32 bit) or here (64 bit).

Fonts for sgt-puzzles

The sgt-puzzles game plugins can use a special font pack to provide improved font rendering and sizing. Simply extract the contents of this zip file to the /.rockbox/fonts directory on your target, and the plugin should auto-detect it when run. Note that this will only work with Rockbox versions newer than 17 July 2017.

Icon Sets

Extra icon sets can be found in the Icon Sets Gallery.

Voice Files

For blind or other users that wish to have the menus and/or filenames voiced, we have daily updated voice files for download, encompassing all translations with at least 90% coverage. For older versions of Rockbox, look here, and for general instructions on how to use them, go here.

Fun Languages

A page of fun languages exists. Go to the Lang Files page to find out how to compile them. Once completed, put the .lng file in your .rockbox/langs dir.


To get the Doom plugin working, you need a WAD file. We provide a free one here.


Quake requires the game data files to run. The shareware distribution is available from the previous link.

Duke Nukem 3D

Duke Nukem 3D requires a copy of the game data files from an original installation. There is a shareware demo available with the first episode available here.

Additionally, a MIDI patchset is needed for Duke to play music. This is separate from the PluginMidiPlay patchset. There is a noncommercial patchset available here. It must be extracted to /.rockbox, not the player's root.

Wolfenstein 3-D

Wolfenstein 3-D requires the game data files from an original installation to be installed in /.rockbox/wolf3d/. The shareware distribution is available through the previous link.

MPEG Movies

For testing the MPEG player plugin, the first open source movie Elephants Dream is provided here.

FM Presets

For targets with a radio, you can get presets for your region.


A simulator can be very useful if you are making a theme or if you just want to try Rockbox before installing it. Pre-built simulators for Windows for all targets can be found here.

MIDI Files

To playback MIDI files you need a patchset. Check this page for more details. Note: on many players MIDI perfomance is sub-optimal, see here.

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