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Rockbox Graphical UI Design

Well i've decided i want to create my own theme and edit the graphics (ala boot logo/usb logo). With the help of t0mas and several other fellows on the IRC channel i've managed to learn how to use the CVS and devkit within a few hours, so give me a break if i get some things wrong here. wink

I actually managed to create a logo (test logo) and replace the USB logo in screens.c, but after looking at it in the simulater its come out very wrong. There could be a 100 reasons why its not working, so i'm going to start by asking exactly WHAT specifications rockbox needs the bmp's to be in.

question answer
How many colors 2 (support for multicolor bitmaps is still distant)
How big Individual for each image. (See source code.)
What format 1 bit BMP converts easily to the internal rockbox format with the bmp2rb tool
What colors black and white
Where are the images stored? They are stored as arrays in Rockbox source code.

Creating Logo's In Photoshop

First, get the exact size of the logo you are going to replace by finding it in the mass of *.c source files, its width and length are provided in there along with the code you will soon be replacing.

Hop into PS and correct the image size.

Go to Image>Mode and select Bitmap, leave the options that come up and push ok.

Your set, simply stick to using the following supported colors:



The following colors are ment to be the colors that will be supported once 4-bit greyscale completely works.

#6E6E6E << Doesn't work yet

#DCDCDC << Doesn't work yet

Once you've created your fantastic logo you save it as a *.BMP, use bmp2rb and paste the new code over the old.

Note!!!! The colors might get inverted when converting, so black becomes white. Remember that when creating your logo!

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