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The Rockbox manual

The Rockbox manual is released on a daily basis, with the latest additions from the SVN repository. The manual is available in both PDF and HTML format. LaTeX source code for the manual is available from the SVN repository. The daily PDF versions are also available from the Daily builds page.


See ManualTodo for a list of things that needs attention. The page ManualFixmes has of list of files where parts of the text are marked as FIX ME. ManualStructureTalk is a page used as a discussion area for a possible restruction of the manual layout.

Working with Rockbox documentation

See ManualHowto for information on the technical aspects of the manual Our guidelines for the LaTeX sourcecode is found at the LatexGuidelines page. There is also a LatexGuidelinesTalk page for discussions on the guidelines used.


We are happy to receive feedback and suggestions. Please use the bug tracker for errors found, and the patch tracker for corrections/additions you have made. Remember to mark the bug/patch with the manual label.

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