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Welcome to Rockbox Sync.

Rockbox Sync is a small batch script to synchronize music to your Rockbox. For now it's just windows only!

RockboxSync is stored on filesystem of the device, you can run it manualy or with autorun.inf (located on the root of the device) It works with robocopy, so it checks for existing songs. Rockbox sync will skip the existing songs unless they have changed. If the files are changed Rockbox sync will replace them with the files from the source folder, you can change this feature in userconf.bat

You can download RockboxSync V0.3 here

note: Read Readme.txt (located in the zip) for install instructions.

1. Added an Auto Update feature.
2. Some Bug fixes en some script cleanup.

1. Auto update now creates a backup of userconf.bat to userconfold.txt
2. Users have now 10 update slots, so they can update 10 folders (Subfolders included) from Computer to Your Rockbox device.
3. Changed the behavior of PURGE to let the user select which dir to purge (of the 10 update slots)

1. Some minor bugfixes
2. Again some script cleaup
3. Added a feature that can create a filelist after the update (it's pretty useless, but usefull to some people;))
r4 - 08 Mar 2007 - 08:49:16 - WilliamPeters

Copyright by the contributing authors.