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Rockbox Testing

This is a list of people able to test Rockbox. If you're willing to help out in testing, please add yourself to the relevant tables. You should probably be available on the IRC channel or the mailing list regularly so developers can reach you easily. Add yourself with real name or ircnick, with a link to your wikipage.


This is a list of people able to test Rockbox on the various Models it runs or will run on.

Device Owners
AGPTek Rocker speachy
Archos FM Recorder Cassandra LinusN
Archos Player/Studio amiconn Cassandra LinusN Domonoky gevaerts jhMikeS
Archos Recorder V1 amiconn lImbus LinusN Llorean JdGordon
Archos Recorder V2 dreamlayers
Cowon D2 gevaerts Llorean
Creative ZEN Chris Jordan
Creative ZEN V / V Plus ApooMaha MarcGuay ej0rge
Creative ZEN Vision: M mcuelenaere
Dell Digital Jukebox  
FiiO M3K speachy
Gigabeat F midgey Llorean GodEater LinusN AlexP jhulst pondlife Chronon Jerry Lange gevaerts Beta2K kkurbjun ej0rge jhMikeS
Gigabeat S GodEater aliask AlexP Nico_P TylerGetsay DavideGentile Moos DerPapst gevaerts MarcGuay amiconn Unhelpful ej0rge w1ll14m jhMikeS Llorean
Gigabeat T  
Gigabeat X  
Hifiwalker H2 speachy
iAUDIO M3/M3L amiconn
iAUDIO M5/M5L pixelma
iAUDIO X5/X5L Moos LinusN RaeNye amiconn sin613 gevaerts ej0rge jhMikeS dfkt
iPod 1st Gen amiconn
iPod 2nd Gen amiconn
iPod 3rd Gen DerPapst jhMikeS
iPod 4th Gen JonathanMueller HarrisonTu Domonoky
iPod 5.5th Gen (30G) LambdaCalculus Buschel PeterOlson Froggyman
iPod 5.5th Gen (80G) GodEater LinusN DerPapst Nico_P DerPapst Grahack
iPod 5th Gen (30G) gevaerts BHSPitMonkey dreamlayers
iPod 5th Gen (60G) Cassandra LinusN obo stripwax JdGordon Soap
iPod 6th Gen "Classic")  
iPod Color/Photo (St.) (x2: 1 x 60GB HDD, 1 x 64GB CF) iPodPhoto zajacattack amiconn Strife89
iPod Mini 1st Gen kkurbjun ej0rge wodz
iPod Mini 2nd Gen (St.) amiconn bluebrother gevaerts JdGordon speachy
iPod Nano 1st Gen (St.) (x2) kkurbjun Cassandra Llorean ApooMaha PeterOlson Grahack Soap
iPod Nano 2nd Gen (St.) (x6) w1ll14m Llorean Buschel wodz
iriver E10 Olle Bergkvist
iriver H10 20GB Moos karashata ej0rge jhMikeS
iriver H10 5/6GB amiconn petur gevaerts jhMikeS
iriver H120/H140 Tomas amiconn XavierGr Slasheri Cassandra Moos DavideGentile LinusN Llorean GodEater bluebrother AlexP Chronon PeterOlson gevaerts ej0rge stripwax jhMikeS
iriver H320/H340 lImbus Bger WarrenLeyes amiconn XavierGr LinusN JdGordon midgey pondlife petur BlakeJohnson86 gevaerts MarcGuay Domonoky LambdaCalculus ej0rge Soap Strife89
Logik DAX gevaerts AlexP(ATMT MP170)
m:robe 100 Chronon Domonoky gevaerts ej0rge AmauryPouly
m:robe 500 kkurbjun gevaerts ej0rge JdGordon AmauryPouly
Meizu M6SL gevaerts
Meizu M6SP gevaerts bertrik
Meizu M3 gevaerts(old version) AlexP (old version) GeekShadow
MPIO HD200 wodz
MPIO HD300 wodz
Onda VX747 mcuelenaere PurlingNayuki
Ondio FM amiconn lImbus pixelma
Ondio SP amiconn lImbus Moos
Philips GoGear HDD1630 ej0rge
Philips GoGear HDD6330  
Philips GoGear SA9200 ej0rge jhMikeS
Samsung YH-820  
Samsung YH-920 pyro_maniac
Samsung YH-925 gevaerts
Sansa c100 MarcGuay (v2)
Sansa c200 pixelma RaeNye gevaerts AlexP pondlife amiconn bertrik Nico_P PeterOlson obo ej0rge Strife89
Sansa Clip Zip dfkt speachy Strife89
Sansa Clip+ AmauryPouly bertrik sideral dfkt speachy Strife89
Sansa Clipv1 bertrik gevaerts funman kugel AlexP Hillshum AsaelReiter JdGordon jhMikeS Llorean dfkt
Sansa Clipv2 sideral
Sansa Connect AlexP obo
Sansa e200 Llorean JdGordon bertrik donutman25 Brian Cloutier rasher AlexP Crash91 Chronon MarcGuay PeterOlson gevaerts Unhelpful André Scheffler Dan Lenski ej0rge BeChris mc2739 tomers jhMikeS AmauryPouly Soap johnb Strife89
Sansa e200R zajacattack DerPapst ej0rge mc2739 jhMikeS
Sansa e200v2 Hillshum Moos domonoky FlynDice JdGordon BeChris mc2739 johnb
Sansa Fuze+ JeanLouisBiasini
Sansa Fuzev1 (St.) kugel lucent ej0rge funman tomers Strife89 johnb
Sansa Fuzev2 gevaerts johnb
Sansa m200  
Sansa m200v4 domonoky jhMikeS Llorean Strife89
Sansa View BlakeJohnson86 obo
Sony NW-A3000 MarcGuay
xDuoo X3 johnb speachy
xDuoo X3ii johnb speachy


A list of which simulators people are able to test on.

Windows (St.) Tomas amiconn lImbus rasher XavierGr Moos LinusN pixelma Llorean pondlife donutman25 Harrison Tu Crash91 Buschel stripwax jhMikeS
Linux rasher Tomas amiconn XavierGr Slasheri LinusN obo Llorean GodEater bluebrother JdGordon jhulst LambdaCalculus AlexP BHSPitMonkey kkurbjun Crash91 karashata Unhelpful Grahack AsaelReiter Strife89 jhMikeS AmauryPouly wodz sideral
macOS midgey Beta2K BeChris

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